Nearly all userscripts are broken

Whatever update was made to the website broke almost all my userscripts that had a lot of quality of life improvements. This is pretty annoying as I have been working this way for years and it has pretty much ruined it for me and is super demotivating. I almost want to quit Wanikani because of this as none of the scripts I use have been updated for years and I do not imagine they will be ever again.


Yes, this is known.

The changes were announced head of time and many script maintainers are updating their scripts. If you’re using a script that no longer gets updates, there is a fair chance that somebody makes a script that fulfils the same function these days.


I think once the dust settled in like a week or so, you can pick out which scripts are definitely not being updated and you need for WaniKani, and make a request for somebody to create a new version of them in this thread: What do you want now? (Request extensions here)

I mean, you could request them now but it’s unlikely a script author has time to work on new scripts at this time. You can also just drop a comment in the original thread of the defunct script; maybe the script author or someone else will respond and update it.

I know it can be annoying but consider this: in a week or so it will all be back to normal, and what is one week compared to the rest of the time you used WaniKani. For me personally, this update is just a reminder that the WK staff still cares about WaniKani and updates it, they could just leave it like it is and not care for their community at all. But I’m glad they don’t!


Active user scripts are either in the process of being updated or already updated. Some scripts that are no longer actively updated have been superseded by others with slightly different names/threads in the forum. There’ll definitely be a full set of user script functionality back to normal very soon. Take a little break & come back!

The update was a shock to my learning process however, I’m almost back to normal now. Keep on keeping on matey!

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Note that plenty of scripts have not needed to be updated for years, so the last update is not a great indicator of whether it will receive and update now. Please report any broken scripts to their authors so that they have an opportunity to update them. A lot of us don’t use them ourselves (anymore) and rely on reports


I might not try to fix everything, and just let me missing it; but if someone wants it fix, I might try. No guarantee though.

It is also possible that rewriting is easier than fixing, just keep the ideas.

Anyway, it’s entirely possible that nothing is back to normal, and WK suffers its downfall. Everything is inconstant after all. It’s more reasonable to try to adapt, or manipulate, however you need.

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