What happened to me?

Suddendly everything like this happned?
what is weblio explanation and how to solve it?

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Did you install this userscript?

In any case, it’s not functioning correctly, because it shows the definition of 「々」 on the page for 「下さい」.

I would guess you installed a few too many scripts?

Maybe just cherry-pick the ones you think will actually be useful, start off with a low number and then add more as you go on if you find stuff is missing for you?


The script give visual effect is must have, then, a lot

what’s the reason to use it, why I can’t read it in japanese?

My question would be “why is it an explanation of something completely unrelated to 下さい”


It’s a pretty old userscript, first written in 2017. Perhaps you can ask the writer of the script about the bug.

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The plugin (assuming it works) gives you an explanation of the current word from a Japanese online dictionary.

The reason someone might want to use it is that once you’re at a point in your studies where you can read Japanese it can be a useful way to find out the meanings of new words. Similar to looking an english word up in an english dictionary.

It obviously won’t be of any use to you if you’re just starting out :slight_smile: (or possibly never if the script is broken)

May I be so bold as to suggest not installing scripts without knowing what they’re supposed to do?


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