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Hey, is there some script that extends Wankikani’s library of meanings or borrows them from other websites? Even on lvl 9 I have to look onto some vocabularies, like differences between forest- mori, and forest- hayashi. That would be a great help for studying more thoroughly.

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This is one such script

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I think at a certain point you’d have to look at a monolingual dictionary to learn the differences. There are a lot of Japanese words that have similar or overlapping English definitions, but have very specific nuance or contextual usage that is lost in translation. Also, in some cases, doing a Google image search can help, depending on if the word is a visual type of word of course.

To your original question, I don’t know of a script to do what you want, but it seems like @Kumirei’s got you covered!


@Kumirei @seanblue Thank you.

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