Frequent Error

The past week or so, I’ve been occasionally getting the following error: {“error”:“Rate limit exceeded”,“code”:429}. Usually refreshing a few times or waiting a bit fixes the issue, but it’s annoying and breaks the flow of studying.

Anyone else seen it, and any fixes?


Are you using any scripts or third party apps?


This is quite a well-known error, as you can see here: {"error":"Rate limit exceeded","code":429}

It once got triggered by the External Definition script, which I fixed subsequently, but recently there were changes by somebody else so maybe the error popped up again? These are the threads in question:

Or maybe it is now caused by a different script altogether :woman_shrugging:


I don’t think it is my error, as far as I have checked my console.

In any case, look at some UserScripts you are using. WaniKani API has a cap of 60 requests per minute. Beyond that would cause 429. I don’t think via WaniKani Open Framework or not changes anything.

The only thing I’m using to supplement base wanikani is wkstats.


Have you ever used anything? Might be worth going to Settings > API Tokens to expire your API token and create a new one for WKStats

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