What does this mean? Possibly an un-added vocab

“Quite the explorer, aren’t you?”
When i used wkstats.com and looked at the vocab by level, I saw that 素晴らしい was a vocab from level 21, but when I searched it up in wanikani I saw this. It also mentioned that it was a level 23 vocab. Does anyone else know why it says that at the top though? I thought maybe it said that for un-unlocked vobab, but it wasn’t the case for other un-unlocked stuff. Maybe it’s a new vocab they’re gonna add like 広がる which I just received a few weeks ago even though I was on level 22.

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You probably got that for looking up Kanji outside your level. It’s kind of their catchall phrase for going to pages that you don’t have access to yet, like if you go to that page and you’re logged in but you haven’t renewed your subscription. If you’re not logged in, you’ll see the banner to sign up in the same place.

You can search on here to see other instances where it shows up.

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It’s just their catch-all 404 response. Typically when that come up you’re redirected back to the dashboard stage. Not sure why it’s coming up here though.

Also, that version of the stats site is out of date, you should be using wkstats. This is the reason that the levels are different.

Since all of WK’s radical/kanji/vocab pages can now be accessed by anyone (not just subscribers), this is no longer true. They probably just forgot to remove that “Quite the explorer” message.


There were a couole other users thst had that banner show up in unexpected places, namely the Dashboard. Not sure why this happens.

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