Is 大いに supposed to be in level 2? I vaguely remember learning it now it's gone

wkstats shows it in the list of level 2 vocab. I vaguely remember learning it, along with its correct meaning, back in level 2. But when I copy and paste the link, I get this: “Quite the explorer, aren’t you? :heart:

I thought I had learned this word as “very”; and I distinctly remember getting it mixed up with 大きい on the first few reviews. But when I never saw it again in reviews. In Kaniwani I entered ooini when they wanted nakanaka, then searched the WK vocab list and when I saw it wasn’t there, I convinced myself I was imagining things and had made up a word. Only today I saw the list in wkstats and realized my memory was accurate. Has this word been scrubbed from Wanikani in the last few months?

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It was apparently removed a while ago:


Something is strange though:

But what was the point in updating the meaning explanation and a context sentence if they then removed the item in that same update?

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Apparently they just updated it first but then decided to remove it completely later

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Nyaaaaaaaruhodo! :cat2:
Meowshiwake arimeowsen :cat2:

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It’s kinda like Batman, if his parents had not been murdered, he would not have become a superhero.

Crazy. I remember learning this one.

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