What does this 仲良く mean?

Is he saying he will happily make them into his life? As in, with pleasure? Does that sound right?


It can mean friendly or to be on good terms I think

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Which part is this from?

Apparently 「仲良く」 is an adverb with a couple different meanings, it seems. The one that I think is relevant here is “peacefully,” but it can also mean being on good terms with someone. Idk if that helps piece together the meaning of this dialogue.

Your guess as to the meaning seems plausible, something like “you and your friends can live with me in harmony like the police guy from earlier,” but I am not sure of the context. That’s just my unqualified-to-answer weeb guess.

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I’ve never read this series so I have zero context, but considering the ominousness of those speech bubbles and the way he says「さっきの警官のようになァアア」I doubt anyone will be living (and that cop’s probably already dead a.k.a. turned into this guy’s “life” —I’m assuming lifeforce)

Without any context, I’m inclined to agree that OP’s interpretation that it’s “happily” or “with pleasure” (maybe even “gladly,” in this case) is probably it


I think, together peacefully, with a subtext of being inside in the speaking man. On friendly terms is a part of subtext.

I should clarify that the speaker is a vampire who intends to use the other characters’ 生気 to heal himself, so I don’t think “peacefully” would be an appropriate adverb here

sorry for the late reply the kanji is found in level 12 or 13 of WaniKani

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Is さっき usually written in hiragana when in this context it’s referring to 殺気?

This is certainly one of those times when 漢字 disambiguation is helpful.

Looks like nakayoku is just sarcasm since he will be turning them both into his life force.

No its not. It’s like “just now”. So there would have been a policeman he just turned into his life force prior to this panel. No disambiguation is really needed once you get used to how the words are used, so things will feel less ambiguous the more you learn.


lol, I completely mistranslated that. Not the first, won’t be the last. :slight_smile:

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jojo part 1, chapter 2

It is implying that it will be done with no backlash from who is he is speaking to, “as friends” if you will.

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