What does this も do in this context sentence?

Hey guys!

I just encountered this following sentence, and I have no idea why this も is there. I have never seen it used this way before, after を. Please help!

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That’s not the particle も. They’re just trying to help you read the word 模写 (もしゃ)


Wow beaten…


The thing about these sentences is that they’re a mix of hiragana and kanji.

For example, https://jisho.org/word/上達 is also a mix of kanji and hiragana here.

Yeah, I was gonna say…写する isnt a word lol.

@Leebo @BobaGakusei hahahaha omg I’m so ignorant. Thanks guys, really not used to seeing words mixed this way.

@Vanilla yeah, my brain got stuck on the ‘をも’ and somehow read the rest as 写す事

This is a case where the hiragana just doesn’t help!

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I do agree that it’s not easy to read.


that seems to make it a bit more difficult when they put the hiragana before the kanji. it should have just been written in hiragana. If anything the first kanji might have been used and the second one written in hiragana.

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I think they’re trying to address the common complaint that sentences shouldn’t use kanji from levels people haven’t reached yet. At the same time, I think they want to make sure that kanji you do know are in there…

I think furigana would be best, but making all of the possible settings people would want a part of the website itself would be a bit annoying.


It doesn’t have to be super complicated. Just let the user set default furigana to off or on, and then let them click on individual words to temporarily turn on or off.

Yeah, that’s one way to do it. And other people would want words to just be written in hiragana (no furigana) when possible. And some people would want one of the defaults to be based on your current level, etc. These are all various things that get recommended when this comes up, and they’re not all the same. I do think it’s simple to just choose a way and do it, but we’ll still get complaints.

I’m suggesting that’s a way to do it that covers most use-cases but is not overly complicated to implement. Catering to every possible variable would make it really annoying to implement and maintain, and I don’t think they should even try to do that.

And people will complain until the end of time and beyond, regardless of how much stuff the WK team implements (or is implemented via scripts, etc).

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