[Userscript] WaniKani Lesson User Synonyms 3


Download/install “Lesson User Synonyms 3”
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Open Framework installation

Lesson User Synonyms (by @kobayashi) and Lesson User Synonyms 2 (by @irrelephant) are not maintained anymore, so I decided to recreate the main functionality in a new script.

What does it do?

WaniKani allows to add your own synonyms for the meaning of items so that those will also be accepted answers during reviews. By default, user synonyms can only be edited on item pages and during reviews. With this script, the user synonyms can also be edited during lessons and the lesson quiz, and will be accepted as correct answers during the lesson quiz. User synonyms that are on WaniKani’s hidden block list (meaning that WaniKani will not accept them as answers during reviews) will be displayed in red.



It’s great that you’ve stepped in an kept this useful script running. Well done! :+1: