What do you guys do to retain your knowledge?

Do you read? Do you write 作文?I’d like to know some tips because I don’t want to forget what I’m learning.

I do my WK reviews when they appear.


I don’t know what level you’re at, but at my level reading is still quite difficult for me. What I find really helpful is printing out Wikipedia articles on stuff I’m interested in (bands, films, etc) or NHK easy news articles on topics I already read about. Then I mark all the words and kanjis I know and try to translate some sentences. It’s really fun this way :slight_smile:


Wow nice tip! I’ll try it. I’m thinking of translating some songs too.

Yes, I do too. I’m only worried about those kanji from levels I passed long ago.

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Yes, I do too. I’m only worried about those kanji from levels I passed long ago.

I find that helps too! Immersing myself in Japanese helps as well like reading articles or listening to podcasts.

Application is the key. In relation to WK items reading, listening, and when appropriate speaking. These things help keep the concepts in my head otherwise it’s sitting in a vacuum.

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But hun, they’ll come back, no? If you forget them, you’ll miss and they’ll reappear more frequently until they’re finally set in your mind. At least until you burn them, but them you can ressurrect the ones you think you forgot (to find out you forgot something, just read a lot :b you’ll notice you don’t know what a word means but are sure to have seen it before)
That’s how I intend to do it anyway, since I’m not in a hurry to be fluent
I haven’t forgot anything until now. When I see a kanji, I remember what it means. However, if you tell me the meaning of the kanji and ask me to picturize it in my head, then I’ll most likely fail, for not remembering all the radicals or which radical goes where (I can’t even tell how some radicals look; I’m only able to distinguish it from the others)
To counter that, you should probably get into writing them

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I read.

10 character limit prevents laconic posts.

What podcasts would you recommend?

What podcasts would you recommend? What books do you read?

What’s your application strategy like? Do you read Japanese blogs? Do you watch anime?

That’s reassuring. Thanks.

First my study isn’t centered around WK content. Obviously I use the readings I learn here to help me read books, IMs, and such.

So my first approach is reading about things that interest me. Having that repeated exposure will improve my retention, speed, and comprehension. Recently I’ve been reading content directed toward Japanese people learning English. Reading that content has been helpful to learn the nuance of how certain grammar is applied with respect to certain English grammar. This provides depth to my knowledge.

Output-wise, I regularly meet with a handful of people and talk with them or send messages with them. These interactions are really critical because I get feedback from those experiences and hear how the language is used in certain contexts. I’ve made it very clear with most of these individuals that I prefer them to correct me when I’m off. So I’m often explicitly corrected. Although it’s humbling, that has been invaluable.

Lastly, I watch Japanese programs (usually live action dramas or movies) on Netflix with Japanese subtitles on. Rather than watching casually, I watch content more intensively; I stop in places where the grammar is difficult to parse quickly, subtitle that use kanji or vocabulary I don’t know, or if I don’t hear what I read in the subtitles. From time to time, I watch some stuff on Youtube but not regularly.

I hope that helps some. I do other things with regard to studying, but this is what I specifically do related to application.


…and you live in Japan and are exposed to the language most of the time.

Obviously it was a bit tongue-in-cheek, but for WK you don’t need to go that far above and beyond just to retain what the system has taught you.

Also, while I personally make the effort to take advantage of living in Japan to work on my Japanese, it’s possible to live here without using Japanese almost at all. Plenty of people come here and go home without much improvement. That’s a bit outside the general area of WK tips and tricks though.


As Leebo said, just do your reviews. Chances are youll eventually burn it and you wont be forgetting it.

There are cases, however, where you will forget a burned item. This happened to me today with 絵. I had to use it today because I learned 絵本 from one of my anki decks. Even if that wasnt the case, there are still 4 other words I will learn on here that use the word. Basically no matter what, my knowledge of it will be tested and ill be forced to recall it. If by chance you burn an item and all of its vocab and there is no other useful vocab for that kanji (or if you just forget a burned word), its still not over. You will see the words in the wild, and be forced to retain them by repeated exposure to them.

My method of doing so atm is playing a visual novel; Im currently playing 星織ユメミライ. There are words in there that I once learned but have since forgotten, and that serves to reinforce them while introducing new words. I know around 1000 Kanji and 4000 vocab words with completely shit grammar, so I’m not even close to fluent, but I can still understand whats going on. If you are at or near this level and like VNs, I would recommend playing this as it is popular among people learning japanese and a pretty good VN.

If you ARENT at that level/dont like VNs, find something different. The important part is you enjoy it and can actually get yourself to do it. As for WK, leebo said it bluntly but he spoke the truth. Just do your reviews when you get them. On the off chance you do leave here not retaining some things, encounters with them in the wild will fix it.

PS: Marika best grill

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I use kaniwani also which is huge in terms of recall vs just recognition for wanikani. Also japanesepod101, Genki series, and NHK easy news. I can’t get to all of these every single day. Wanikani is my top priority right now followed by Genki for grammar.

If you use Google Chrome, there’s also that WaniKanize add-on. It isn’t good for grammar because it’s just a “find and replace” thing, but it can help you remember the kanji by having them there.