I'm at level 14, and I'm starting to forget all the items I have burned

I have around 750 items burned right now, and I’m running into a pretty messy situation where I’m definitely forgetting a bunch of them. I’m constantly going back and resurrecting the ones I’ve failed to recognize when immersing. What would a good solution to this be? Should I really start focusing on reading tons of easy content? I read a lot of News Web Easy, but those articles don’t usually include kanji and vocab I learned on here.


I recommend the Japanese Wikipedia - it covers a fair range of stuff and will probably help you remember the kanji from WK.

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I think the best approach would be to try to read things just a little bit above your level. If you read easy stuff, they may lack kanji from certain levels onward.
But also, try to use the vocab you have learned yourself. Write sentences or try to use them when you practice speaking, from time to time. If you just wait until you encounter them in the wild, it may take some time.


I’ll check that out! Thanks :smiley:

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good point!

after lvl 10, what’s your dailly immersion practice? For me it is still nhk easy news. And ocasionally I watch anime with JP subtitles.

Today I read an article and found a word I had completely forgotten: mother’s milk. So random this word I know, but when I finally found it in the wild I couldn’t remember it. Part of the process. :grin:


I started forgetting burned items as well, and decided to add burned item reviews into my daily review routine. I usually go through 10 burned items at the end of a review session (I do 3 review sessions per day). Burned reviews are very fast to go through, so it’s just a few more minutes per session.

This allows me to refresh my memory on the burned items I remember, and resurrect those I have already forgotten.

I don’t know if this can help in your situation, but it’s definitely helping me


I also read NHK and watch anime with JP subs ( I can’t understand most but I think it helps)

wait, I hadn’t considered doing this because I assumed it was just like extra study but with all 700 of my burned items. So you’re saying I can go through some of them each day without it restarting from zero?


Use Saitori Reader, NHK Easy, SOMETHING! :smiley:


The burned review list does not reset daily. It only changes when you review a burned item (reviews decrease by 1), burn a new item (reviews and list size increase by 1) or resurrect a burned item (reviews and list size decrease by 1).

When you have reviewed all your burned items, the list resets (goes back to 750/750 for example). Note that I’ve read that somewhere on the forums, I haven’t experienced a reset yet.


Thank you so much for telling me this! I’m definitely going to start doing this :smiley: