Advanced n high-level users: do you still remember some of yalls early stuff or

wassup so I got a question so as of now i’m currently working on level 2, i subbed i believe two weeks ago and i’ve been doing my lessons and review responsibly when the system reminds me to
but since Japanese is very complex and kanji and vocabulary are more complex than other languages and shi i was wondering if people from higher levels who have been on this site for a long time w that grind still remember radicals and kanji and vocabulary from like lessons 1-5 or 1-10 cause as of now it’s pretty easy for me to remember stuff from level 1 since i’ve passed it a few days ago but maybe people at level 30 or 40 or 50 forget their early stuff while studying the new things ion kno i’m here to listen to yall


Burned: This item is “fluent” in your brain. The answer comes with little-to-no effort. You will remember this item for a long, long time. Even if you don’t use it and “forget” it sometime in the future, it should come back to you quickly after recalling it. Items that are “burned” no longer show up in reviews. You can unburn an item on an item’s individual page, which returns the item to Apprentice.

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I think the important thing to take into consideration is that WK is a great way to learn and help keep things in your long-term memory. However, you should also reinforce what you learn through exposure to the language (reading, listening, speaking, writing). Languages (like anything else) are a matter of use it or lose it.

On the other hand, forgetting something is fine. You might have great accuracies now, but there will be times where they’ll be not so great. That’s okay too. You’ll just have to review what you got wrong so that you have a better experience next time :slight_smile:

To answer your question: yes, we do forget stuff. However, it’s again a matter of use it or lose it. Don’t expect WK by itself to have you remember things for years without any extra work outside :slight_smile:


sorry bruh also thanks for tuning in that stuff you got going on there probably will take me ages but thx ily

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not gonna lie, recently i’ve been reading japanese books and while i can recognise the meaning of essentially all the kanji/vocab i’ve ever learned on here i’ve completely forgotten some of the earlier kanji readings so i just mumble an incoherent sound and skip over them loool


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You practice the kanjis long after you see them for the first time due to the vocabulary. For example Enter (入) is found in 32 vocabulary words spread among the 60 levels, such as (19) 入団 - Join or (46) 入れ墨 - Tatoo


Not only you practice vocab, wanikani recommends you to pick up books to reinforce kanji you burned.

I highly recommend you to try to do grammar as soon as you can. Theres a lot of good resources lists in your community, and if you keep it up, your reading skills will be as good as your kanji skills, meaning you can read books and watch media earlier, than if you picked it up later

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Still on the grind. It’s simple, the more common it is/the more you use it, the more likely you’ll remember it.


I finished WaniKani nearly two years ago and have forgotten a lot. But I don’t think I’ve forgotten much from the first 10 levels because those kanji are so common. Since I read Japanese every day, I see those kanji all the time.

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I spend about 1 to 3 hours a day reading Japanese so I expect I do… :sweat_smile:

Do I remember the exact name of radicals or the meanings of the kanji as stated in WK? Probably not for most at this point… But does that even matter? WK already did it’s job.

As for vocab pretty sure I’ll fail most because I made the monolingual transition even before I finished WK and never was interested in the English translation of vocab past the beginner stage.


shiiiii lucky you reading stuff everyday
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A lot of the early ones are very common, so since I see them all the time in writing they are hard to forget.

There are definitely ones I do forget from time to time simply because they do not appear all that often, but that is normal I think.

If you read on your own the concepts and readings will naturally reinforce themselves with the benefit of learning correct context and nuance. I found it easier to forget words when I learned them in isolation on Wanikani.


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