What do you do with the new words that you see?

While surfing the internet or talking to your dear Japanese friends, you’ve found out a cool new word that you’ll probably use a lot.

What do you do with it? Anki deck? Write it in a paper? Ignore it?

Until now, I did nothing with those words and I regret it. I always end up searching for them in the future. That’s no good.

Let me know your suggestions :slight_smile:


Add them to Houhou



Sorry about my excitement. I have never heard about it. Just checked their website out and… PERFECT!


Thanks! Always with great tips! :slight_smile: I think this will definitely fix my problem ^^


I’ve always wanted to try HouHou, but it’s windows only, isn’t it? :cry:

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Yeah, it is. But you might be able to use an emulator to simulate the Windows system on your device (not sure if it works for HouHou, but I’ve seen it being used for other apps). But I wouldn’t make promises being such a dummy when it comes to eletronics and computer stuff.

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It is, but I thought I heard about someone forking or copying it to try to make it compatible with Mac. But I don’t remember where on the forums I saw that.

Always trust the level 50+ people to give you exceptional learning resources. Thank you kindly Leebo.

@OP I used to ignore words. In fact, I used to (and still do) avoid reading anything in Japanese because whenever I see Japanese text I think “oh god no.” Perhaps starting now, I’ll be saving new words.

Inb4you’llneverlearnlikethis I know.

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It is possible, but my main issue is that it wouldn’t work across devices. The great thing about WK is that you can do it on whatever device. I think I may have to finally surrender to AnkiWeb.

Regarding the original purpose of the thread, though, I always make an effort to memorise kana-only vocab, or vocab from kanji I’ve already learned. I don’t try to memorise vocab from uknown kanji because I’ve tried it before with Memrise courses and it didn’t work in the long run, I couldn’t retain it, it was basically the reason I quit Japanese 3 years ago.

Yeah, I agree. At least, I try to avoid learning the Kanji version of a word that has complex Kanji. I started learning Kanji too late and that hurted my studies.

I stopped using Memrise a few days ago and I’m trying to get used to work with Anki. Memrise is great for beginners to start getting used to the SRS system, but after that it becomes a little useless. What I mean by that is that most of time you aren’t really learning vocab because they always give you options. It’s way easier to recall a word when it appears right in front of you, compared to actually having to recall the word 100% by yourself. Real life is more like Anki, I believe.

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I am sloooowly making a web clone.

Veeeeery slooooooowly.

So slowly, that by the time I finish it, the modern Japanese will probably become archaic already.


I added them to HouHou until recently, but my computer broke down and I lost all my 2000 words. I was so annoyed that I never wanted to use it again. Now I use Memrise, which works pretty great too. The options are annoying, but I try to avoid looking at them until I know the answer.

Sounds like you weren’t backing up your computer at all if you lost the Houhou content.

I didn’t back it up, which was a stupid mistake. My HDD broke, so there’s nothing I can do about it without paying insane amounts of money.

Thank you guys, this will help a lot!!

I was such a dumbass back then.


Ahhh nostalgia.

I also learned about HouHou from this thread

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Anki 100% for me, only because I use it exclusively on my (Android) phone (which has a free unofficial Anki app).

Normally, I search the new word up on Jisho and bookmark the page to a folder I just call “Anki To Add”.

When I get more time, I go through all the new words and add each to my personal Anki deck and add little notes and related vocab and example sentences and stuff. Just cause I like to have full control of how I customize my learning experience.

Houhou looks great, but I wish there was a mobile version, since I’m always on the go.

Are you still using houhou in addition to WK?

Verily, I too am interested in this answer