Houhou on mac?

Hi, I’ve been wanting to use Houhou for quite a while, but I don’t have windows. Anyone knows if there is ever going to be a version of houhou on mac? Or if there is any way I could use the current version on mac? (I really don’t know anything about computers…)

Otherwise, are there any other softwares out there that could help me learn vocabulary in the way wanikani and houhou do?

Thank you all!

Apparently Houhou doesn’t work with Wine, but I have it running inside a windows VM.

Otherwise there’s Anki, but it’s a bit different and has a bit of a learning curve. Some people like it but it’s not to everyone’s taste.

Also there’s iknow.jp and memrise but you have to subscribe to those sites.

Thank you for your answer! How do you get a windows VM to work? (I am really unsure about what a virtual machine is, and I have absolutely no idea how to get that to work TT-TT)

I did try anki several times but I didn’t enjoy it. I prefer when I need to input my answers just like what wanikani does.

I haven’t tried ikow.jp nor memrise… I don’t want to spend much money but I will definitely think about it. Thanks for the ideas!

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You install VM software like Virtual Box or VMware fusion and then you can install another operating system inside the VM (like Windows or Linux). It can take a bit of an effort to set up but might be worth it if you run Windows software.

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I’m assuming you have already made your decision about Anki, however it will allow you to input your answers if you wish.

A while back I formatted a Core 10k deck to emulate WaniKani for my supplementary study and shared it with the community. If you would like to check it out, here is the link.

[Core 10k WK mod]

Good luck with your studies!


I actually tried to use virtual box for the first time today, but I got lost in the instructions (I’m not a native English speaker so it doesn’t help either). When I tried running houhou it didn’t work. Which software do you use?

I have VMware but it’s not a cheap option for everyone.

This looks amazing! :smiley: Thank you so much for sharing this with us! Even though I’m not a fan of anki, this seems perfect! I’ll probably get back to using it :slight_smile:

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I see… well I guess I’ll try the anki deck hinekidori made and I will think about a VM in the future (if I still feel I need it) Thanks a lot for your help! :blush:

When I began learning Japanese, I was envious of the people who could use Houhou as well (I have a mac). It took me over a year to get to know Anki, but it’s worth it since it has so much more potential compared to Houhou. I also have the iphone app so that I can do reviews on the go.

@hinekidori 's template is what made me give Anki a second chance, and now I use it for my custom decks as well. Long live pretty design!

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