Adding our own vocabulary

I’m doing some light reading and coming across new vocabulary. In many cases, the vocabulary uses kanji I already know but the word itself is new to me. Since vocab doesn’t affect the level-up progress anyways, I’d really like the ability to add these words.

I know I could find other ways to learn and remember these words but the WaniKani system works so well!


Why not use Houhou

It’s got WK’s SRS intervals and you can add whatever you want.

This should solve your problem (just follow the steps) + If you know any basic stuff about wanikani, you can change the ‘sentence’ section to a mnemonic for the kanji if you want

I second this. Recently burned my first few kanji and vocab in Houhou. Mostly mahjong related.

If only Wanikani focused as much on mahjong as it does on baseball. :sweat_smile: 麻雀 and 雀荘 should be at level 1! Then 国士無双 on level 2-3.

Houhou looks great!

Unfortunately I am on a Mac and have just wasted the last hour trying to get it to work in Wine unsuccesfully.

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Any success with Yomichan or Anki?

For Anki simulating WaniKani experience, the settings would be

  • Type-in box {{type:Field}}
  • Steps in minutes: 1 10 240 480 1440 4320

To learn more about Anki+WaniKani, see, [Anki Deck Template] WK Anki, Crihak's Flavor

To create a vocabulary deck, I haven’t tried Yomichan, but I use simply
Vocab list (separated by ',') generator -- add reading and meaning

And I can throw a spreadsheet into Anki.

To extract vocabularies from a paragraph/website, you might try WWWJDIC: Text/Word Translation (WWWJDIC Text glossing).

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Oh my God, Houhou is wonderful!

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