What do you do when you get one wrong?

I am android thanks anyways. I tried an app but i feel more comfortable using the site.

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From clawing at the screen in frustration? :stuck_out_tongue:


No i dropped it down couple times.

I check the answer after every miss and concentrate on the part that I wasn’t able to remember. Sometimes the mnemonic isn’t clicking for me so I’ll make a new one, or I was able to remember only part of the mnemonic so I’ll focus on the part I forgot.

The thing you don’t want to do is reinforce the wrong thing. That’s why when I completely blank on an item, I’ll just type ha/は and look at the answer. That way I’m not reinforcing mistakes by trying something close to it.

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Huh, I guess we learn very differently. I have far more trouble remembering the meanings than the readings. In fact, for many words I completely blank out when looking at the Kanji and only get the meaning right after I figure out the reading.

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I almost always check the info tab when I get one wrong. Sometimes I won’t bother if I’m confident I know the answer (e.g. it was just a careless mistake or I knew it was one of two things but guessed wrong).


i check the answer as it’s marked incorrect. if it’s a typo, it’s ok, 仕方がありません。probably typing too fast and carelessly.
if it is not i try other possibilities. Checking the answer is last chance.

Can’t believe i’m only learning this now.

If i’m going fast and get one reading wrong and am not sure if i mis typed it or was just wrong i go through every possible answer i know before checking and seeing it’s what i meant to write the first time :eyes:

Nah, definitely their cat clawing at it

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