[iOS] Tsurukame - native app with offline lessons and reviews

Oh, that makes sense :slight_smile:

First of all, use the app quite a bit, thanks for making it! Some feedback: I wish the app would display the notes I personally add to meanings and readings. Sometimes the mnemonics that WaniKani uses make little sense to me, or I can come up with something that works better in Dutch (my native language) for memorization. The app unfortunately doesn’t display them, unlike the website. So when I make an error and want to check the meaning/reading I do not see my own notes.

This PR will display the minimal support for notes that’s already there:

Out of curiosity, why does the official release isn’t out yet ? Does it take a long time to be pushed ?

@davidsansome has to manually push the official release, and then it takes ~24h to release. :wink:
Manually pushing isn’t that hard anymore, but the delay makes it not as worth it!

Also, welcome back to the forums!

@cehrlich You actually made a good point, though, so now it will be customisable.

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Hi - I’m not sure whether this is the correct place to post a bug report. I can’t clear some lessons in the app - the same 4 words come up for review every single time I open it. I don’t have this problem on the website and I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling the app with no joy. Any help appreciated

It’s a known bug, which should hopefully be fixed by the next update.

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I know that it may not be a supported config, but Tsurukame crashes on my iPad since I upgraded to the latest iOS 13.4 beta :frowning: I’m on the Test Flight version of Tsurukame too (living’ on the edge! - so, yes, I know all the caveats about using beta software :laughing:)
I’ve tried removing the app and reinstalling and it appeared to work for a few reviews but then crashed again. The app crashes every time I try to review or start lessons now :disappointed_relieved:

Hi. Just installed this app and find it really cool. Congrats to the dev team.
Any chance to have the possibility to browse levels, radicals, kanji and vocabulary like on the website?
One suggestion : hire a designer for the app icon :wink:

Except I don’t think Davidsan gets paid for any of this. Tsurukame is clearly the best iOS platform, I depend on it quite heavily. The official beta last year didn’t even touch it and AlliCrab got hit by the iOS upgrade. If I had to use WK on a browser, I’d probably go insane.

You can do this by level – hit “Show All” and then you can swipe left or right to go through each level’s content.


Thank you vikitty!! Didn’t know the swipe trick in ‘Show all’. Now I can quickly access everything I’ve already learned. I like the option to hide the meaning and pronunciation for quick review. This app is really great.

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You mean spend more for a free app that doesn’t accept donations other than code? Feel free to do this yourself… Tsurukame accepts contributions!


Officially, we support iOS 10+ and, from source, macOS 10.15+ provided that there’s no OS bugs! :bug:

I remember a bug where it would be able to review, but as soon as you got an item wrong or tried to do lessons, it would crash trying to show the details page.
Can you confirm that it’s not that and that you are in fact using the latest TestFlight? The current build is 669 for TestFlight.

Thanks for the reply - definitely build 669. I don’t remember if I had just got one wrong when it crashed - I can do some more experimenting if that would help.

Good possibility of OS bug, as I’m on 13.4 iOS beta, or, something they’ve changed which is causing issues with the app code?

So, last night, Apple released a new beta version and now, as if by magic, Tsurukame works! Back to being able to use the best thing for reviews! How I’ve missed it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:ありがとうございます!

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Spoke too soon :frowning: So, managed a decent length review session on the train, with a decent WiFi connection. But as soon as I hit the Tube, where no mobile signal penetrates, after about 2 reviews it crashed. Will try to test this more thoroughly and report back

This is why I don’t do betas anymore :smiley: Even when the last iOS came officially out it had so many bugs (a few of them fixed just recently). It won’t make a real difference anyway having the latest, unless there is some new feature you really need. Unstability and brokenness is expected.

You should report the bugs to the github issue page, as it says in the first post.

But don’t report OS bugs… we can’t fix Apple.
Go report OS bugs to them! :green_apple: