What are you able to do at your level?

Title is self describing. What are you able to read, watch, listen, and talk about at your current level?!





The only correlation you’ll really find between level and Japanese ability - is …knowledge of kanji. Granted, there will be some lower level people who already had a foundation in Kanji prior to WK, but otherwise, level doesn’t have any correlation with other Japanese skills since WK only teaches kanji.

I guess I should also answer your question - my grammar is maybe around a N4 level, I can “read” a lot - but not necessarily understand the meaning… and my listening/speaking skills are pretty low. I’ve been mostly working on listening/speaking for the last couple months…


Read lots and lots of amazon.co.jp reviews.


Since WaniKani teaches Kanji I’ll focus on reading since I don’t think my listening or speaking has a lot to do with WaniKani.

I can read NHK easy web articles and understand 95% of what’s written.
I am currently reading Death Note though which is completely out of my league (since my grammar is low N4 level) but I can still pick up a lot from just knowing “a lot” of Kanji.


After I hit 60 I got so many 上手ですねs that I immediately became 天皇


At level 60, I am mostly able to f**k up constantly, feel stupid a lot, and occasionally read some stuff kinda.


Pretty much nothing. My grammar and vocab are too low.

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Very motivating lol


I second this. I can read manga slow as a tortoise, but it’s very fulfilling when I have the patience for it.

The grammar trips me up every now and again, but as far as kanji is concerned, WK makes sure you know your stuff.

If you don’t know your stuff, you cry when it goes from Enlightened to Guru…to Apprentice.

Then denial starts…

Then you get over it.

Also NHK Easy is kinda fun to read sometimes, if you like newsie stuff. NHK is not so fun, but also good for testing yourself.


It should be motivating! Take this as an example of why you should create a structured study schedule for yourself and spend at least as much time studying grammar as you spend on WK.

…because I did neither of those things, fml.


Sometimes I can understand the headlines of Easy News articles. :blush: Also, this is rarer because it’s more colloquial but sometimes I can read the Japanese titles of Mario Maker levels.


Can understand anywhere between 50-100% of Terrace House. Usually much more than I would’ve thought.
I’m talking about reading English subtitles though.


Kanji wise I’m still feeling at the beginning but I already start to get kind of a silver lining, most of the articles on NHK Easy or the things my Japanese friends write are understandable and get easier to read. I will start soon to try a light novel, I fear that it might be quite the work but hey you have to sweat to get stronger :smiley:

Grammar wise, I worked through Genki 1+2 and practice speaking and listening a lot trough Anime/podcasts/speaking with real people! xD

just keep going, you can slow down as much as you want, but never stop.


I can pretend to read and write in Japanese to people who only know anime stuff.


At level 16 I can read an NHK* Easy article and understand 35-90% of it (depending on the article). I can also read and mostly understand the included subtitles on Ainori. (But that is conversational, and I have been watching things in Japanese with English subs for over 15 years, so technically tons of (mostly passive) listening practice, which DOES help with sentence structure.)

* My phone totally tried to autocorrect that as NHL… Maybe because I’m Canadian?


I will give it a try in a few levels? Although I’ve thought it was too soon to begin learning grammar because of too many unknown words that could slow me down…

most grammar resources teach you the words you’re gonna be using in the basic examples before you do it. Try doing 20 exp a day on Lingodeer. It’s harmless and you can do it in about 20 minutes. Using the words you know in actual sentences will also help retain the knowledge.


True, but it never hurts to start checking out the various resources/information even if it seems “above your level” at the moment. Have you checked out the Ultimate Additional Japanese Resources List?

Anyway, I say it’s never too early to start learning grammar, but obviously it’s up to you and what you are comfortable with!


I got to impress my wife (a veterinarian) with my deep knowledge of Japanese the other day. The conversation went like this:

Her: So a woman came in today with a Shiba Inu—
Me: You know, “inu” means dog in Japanese. :sunglasses:
Her: Oh. Um… thanks?

So she’s clearly a lucky woman. Thanks Wanikani!