What are some of your oldest kanji/vocab that you always seem to mess up?

I have tonnes of items. Maaaan, I have such a hard time keeping them straight.

For example, 捕える and 捕まる

Some of my lower level stuff includes, 活用、二重(I keep wanting to write 二倍), 仮定 (Always think it’s はんてい)Also, 深さ (I know it’s ふかさ because it’s 深い)

and there’s even more after that, I have too many to even think about listing!

I learned them both three years ago and still misread 字 as 学 when it’s in a word with other kanji! I’m much better than I was, but still seem to mistake them for each other at first glance a lot of the time… meanwhile シ/ツ and ン/ソ have always been so easy for me?? Just one of those weird brain things I guess lol.

Image of Buddha 仏像 and Buddhist Priest 仏僧.
Illusion 幻想 and hallucination 幻覚.

I hate these four.


一打 and 一代 :cry:
I can never remember because of the damn reading being too similar.


I’m not even there yet and I hate those too

I unlocked 外れる on August 26th, 2015 (21 days after starting WaniKani), and nearly two years later… missed the burn again last week.

At 75 or so attempts, it isn’t even one I’ve missed the most (I know there are other items I have over 100 attempts at). It’s one that tends to get to master/enlightened, hang out there for a while and then show up right when I’ve re-confused it with others.

These leeches in general are so annoying, made a thread about it… Leech Squashing


Image is ぞう, so 仏像
Priest is そう, so 仏僧

I used to miss this two a lot too.

幻想 is FANTASY or ILLUSIONARY. It is part of game’s name.

I still confuse these two as well. Although seeing them side by side makes it seem obvious, maybe I’ve finally got it.

edit: I have 138 total combined attempts at 仏僧. That’s a doozie

@ sudoyulu: I hate these, too. They are also so random…

乱交 and 汽笛
Because I still think: “When will I ever use that?”

All vocab with 判 (評判, 判断, 審判…)

Also all of these math things like subtraction, addition etc. I never know if it´s a ざ or a さ…

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外れ and 外れる, not sure why.
For some reason, I also always get 先生 wrong, even though it’s such a well-known word. I always seem to confuse the meaning with last year, instead of life, and then mess it up from there. :frowning: It doesn’t happen with any of the life/year vocabulary…

われる 割れる
わかれる 別れる
はなれる 離れる

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  1. Judgment? trial? reputation? I still cannot make it correct to date.
  2. Isn’t it always ざん?

Not 算数, 計算 and 算定する - they are with さん :wink: (though hopefully I will remember it now since I looked them up.

And very happy to you hear you have problems with 判 even at your level. Makes me less depressed.

Right, but those aren’t the actual expressions, like addition or subtraction. If it’s one of those, it’s always ざん.

146 attempts at 83% for 仏僧(ぶっそう)。
128 attempts at 84% for 仏像(ぶつぞう)。
I always think I’ve got it but when it comes back a month later I always fail to remember.

@polv I guess it does look easier when side to side.
Next is when to use っ and つ。

@Eniell I’ve burned 乱交 because it was just too funny to forget.
汽笛 is still somewhere between guru and master since I failed burning it.

It’s probably still too early in the adventure for me but the difference between 四日 and 八日 annoy me so much I cannot tell whether or not I should use ようか or よっか for the reading.

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I always mix up the 出 portion of the readings for the vocab 出す(to remove) and 出る (to exit), writing です for 出すand だる for 出る. It’s the worst because it’s so simple, but it’s hard to unlearn when the wrong way is in your head!

Definitely any sort of counting. I always mix up when to use ltsu. >.< Maybe one day I’ll get the hang of it…maybe…

Just remember that you end sentences with です. So it can never be that one.

Helped me a ton.

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Had to zoom out to get them all in:

Question is: what the hell to do about them?