What are other good resources to study Japanese?

I’m leaving towards the end of March to attend University in Tokyo, Japan, and I would like to be really well versed in more conversational Japanese for the purposes of a part-time job. What are some good online resources that make learning basic Japanese easier? Also for level clarity, I have just passed my JLPT N5 but I would still consider myself very new to Japanese.


I really like nativshark though its currently having some lag issues theyre working on patching this week. You can archive the cards you already know. The beginning is focused on travel phrases and the entire system focuses on every day Japanese instead of textbook Japanese, both formal and causal and colloquial. The flashcards are all voiced by natives at native speed. There are shadowloops to listen to any dialogue over again to help with pronunciation and listening comprehension.

You can go as fast as your review threshold allows. You choose howbmany reviews you are comfortable doing a day and the system will let you do however many lessons it takes to get there. Theyre still publishing lessons but it goes to roughly N3 currently. You can link your wanikani account to it to auto archive any kanji you alread know here. There is a free trial and no credit card is needed to sign up for it as well as a discord community.


I’m just lurking here but I thought I’d try it out :open_mouth: I used your referral link, thanks!

I’m also planning to visit Japan again in March, so I’m trying to de-rust my skills and prep my brain to make the most of the immersion while I’m there.


Did the link give a 1 or 2 week trial? I haven’t used it in awhile and forget if it’s an extended trial or not

Oh wow yeah! It only said 7 days when I was signing up, but now that I’m in with your referral it says 14 days. Nice!

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I’ve quite liked using Bunpro myself. It’s a site for learning grammar points, and it’s got a 30 day trial period.
It’s set up in a similar way to WaniKani, meaning it’s SRS based and each grammar point constitutes one lesson, so it should be fairly easy to learn if you’re familiar with this site already. You also have the option to mark stuff as already known, so you can skip the stuff you’ve gotten the hang of already.

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Pimsleur is really good at getting started speaking I think. Also, maybe try itaki.com and get a tutor? They are cheap, and you could tell them your goals.

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Cafetalk is also an option for tutoring, it’s more or less the same as italki. Then there are language exchanges with hello talk and tandem.

Thanks guys! I’ll definitely look into all of these and hopefully find some mix of the bunch that will help me out.

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