What about a "review everything" button?

As easy as it sounds: you press it, you review everything in your kanji, vocab, radicals list. Maybe there could be an option to select the range of levels or the category (radicals, kanji, vocab) to review.

Pretty sure you can do that with this
And gives you even more things to choose from with this:


Fun fact: reviewing literally everything on the site, assuming you can answer one question per second every second, with 100% accuracy, would take just a bit over four hours and forty-five minutes.


I’d totally do that, maybe on a sunday morning :smiley:

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That assumption tho xD


It’s lovely, makes for easy calculations to adjust it to your own speed.

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Fun fact: if you add ‘a’ as a synonym for every radical, you can shave off a good 3 minutes from that time. Then you can allow for a bathroom break!


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