[Help] Making a review script/page

Hey there folks!

I wanted to ask a few questions about what we can get from the API, i only looked at it briefly, and checked out a few scripts to get a feel for it, but what i am looking to make doesn’t seem to currently exist, and so before going too deep i wanted to check if it is at all possible.

Basically, i want to make a “exposure” script, in essence, a review page, but testing random kanji/radicals/vocab that you have on apprentice level or higher. Your answers should have no effect on your actual SRS progress, so it needs to tell you if it was correct, but not submit any of that result to Wanikani.

My reason for this is that, not all of the kanji’s appear frequently in other material (manga/wanikanify/novels etc) and so my only/main exposure to them is wanikani, which beyond master is quite infrequent exposure.

So is this doable? it seems that the result checking is already tied to SRS/Verification, making me think that it would affect your SRS, but as i said, im not all to familiar with the API yet, so im unsure.

Thanks for any pointers!

There is this one already, it’s what I’ve been using. It tests by level and type, so all level 9 kanji or all level 5 vocab, it doesn’t mix them.

Well, that seems to actually be pretty much what i wanted!

And mods, feel free to delete this topic as it seems i did not search hard enough! :slight_smile:

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