What’s the latest on resurrecting burned items?

So, essentially I don’t want to ever have a burned item unless I manually chose to delete it myself. I’ve put the time I have into building my Anki decks, and purchased lifetime WK membership, because I want to maintain advanced recognition of multiple languages over my lifetime (I never plan to read voluntarily in English again). “Just read a lot” doesn’t work when I’m dealing with very literary language using tons of words in the 20-30,000 frequency range, and juggling multiple languages, and the nature of life means I won’t always have the mental space to get deep into a book (but I can make sure my memory of less common words doesn’t fade with ten minutes a day on Anki or WK while I brush my teeth).

So what’s the latest on ways to handle this long-term? I searched, and only saw older posts about it. I saw people talking about exporting WK items into Anki, but I assume Anki wouldn’t have any information about how well you know the individual items until you start working them through the Anki schedule, which seems like a lot of superfluous work. Is there a script that changes the behavior of “burned” items or just keeps them on the maximum time frame for reviewing?

I do not recall where, but I have seen what I think is the same feature request somewhere in the past. Basically what I think you are looking for is an option where once an item reaches enlightened, if you get it wrong it drops down (as per normal), and if you get it right it just stays at enlightened and comes around again in whatever the interval for a newly enlightened item is.

Have you looked at/tried the “Burned Items Left” feature in the “Extra Study” section?

There are user scripts you can use such as Burn Manager: [Userscript] Burn Manager (Review / Resurrect / Retire)
“Review, resurrect, or retire your burned items, individually or in bulk, using “level” and “item type” criteria.”


One thing to know about this script is that, once you’ve retired a former burnt item, you can’t resurrect it again for a certain period of time. (can’t remember how long, but weeks or a month).

That’s what I know form before, but there’s been lots of changes to WK since I last used this script. I’d suggest checking the OP post and any important comments in the script thread for up-to-date info about the script. :eyes:

This was merely a tip to not be too quick in resurrecting and retiring items, as you can’t do it immediately again if you’ve done it wrong for some reason. :slight_smile:

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I think they might have changed that, but I don’t remember for sure. Anyway, the time was originally one week between changes.

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Ah, that wasn’t too bad honestly. Might make you wanna report a bug (?), if it wasn’t clear why you can’t do it (reburn after retiring previously). But let’s hope it’s easier going now. :+1: Thanks for the quick reply as always @rfindley :sparkling_heart:

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You could simply use the extra study feature to do reviews for your burnt items every once in a while when you feel like it. It remembers which ones you already did across sessions and loops back to the start after you reviewed them all.