Today I got wanikani lifetime! :D

I’m something like halfway through level 3 now after a bit less than a month, the levels have been oddly slow for me not sure why but what I do know is it’s been the most effective method for me to remember kanji and kanji vocab, committed to the crabigator fully now bois


Congrats! Now do the thing. :turtle: :fire:


Thanks for joining the Lifetime WKers!! Feel free to reach out to us anytime, we’ve got your back!

Happy studying! :nerd_face:

-Nick at WK


My face when someone gets lifetime outside of the christmas sale: :astonished:


Nice! Good luck on your journey. :pray:

It’s a great deal any time compared to paying monthly or yearly (especially for anyone slow like me!) :slight_smile:

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didn’t want to wait rofl


What I did was I got a yearly, waited until christmas, then got the cheaper lifetime. When you buy lifetime, you can refund your yearly subscription based on the amount you still have left, so it ended up saving me money.


Great choice :slight_smile: I bought lifetime right away at lvl 3 as well and have never regretted it. It’s been about two years for me since and I’ve had lots of life stuff get in the way in between - so it’s been slow, but without lifetime I almost certainly would have dropped it and never came back.

Good luck on your journey!

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