Audio glitch?

So, here’s another bug report from yours truly.

Apparently you can only hear the audio for Kenichi’s 腹が減った once in lessons, then it gets stuck.

(At first I thought it was another issue, but saw it only happened on this item.)
(Checked on Incognito, although it doesn’t seem to happen on the lessons page.)

You can still click on the Kyoko audio and hear it properly, but no luck with Kenichi.

You also have to change items in order for it to get fixed by itself, not just the tab.

PS: Mostly updated Chrome, as always.
I was going to try on Internet Explorer, but I finished the lesson, oops. :sweat_smile:


The bugs and errors sub-forum info blurb says it’s preferable for them if you email them, and that this sub-forum is more for the cases where you’re unsure if it’s a bug. ^^

You seem to have tried some alternatives already, so emailing sounds like the way to go. :+1:

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I’m too lazy. :weary: I usually email them for stuff relating to the items and not the site, though.

Ooh, I’ll email them this link.

You have given me the tools.



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We’ve got this one on our radar. We’ve got some bug squashing time coming up in the next few weeks, and we’ll dig into the cause of this one then.


But, also, thanks @Omun for the email shoutout. I appended the contact form to that post, too, for the email averse.

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