Week 7: 容疑者Xの献身 - The Devotion of Suspect X 🌹

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容疑者Xの献身 - The Devotion of Suspect X :rose: Home Thread

Week 7


Start Date: Mar 6th
Previous Part: Week 6
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Week Start Date End Chapter End Page Page Count
Week 7 Mar 6th [End Chapter 13] 266 42

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Proper Noun Readings

Previous Proper Nouns
Name Reading Notes Proof
石神 いしがみ (Week 1)
新大橋 しんおおはし
隅田川 すみだがわ
清洲橋 きよすばし
靖子 やすこ
米沢 よねざわ
小代子 さよこ
金子 かねこ
錦糸町 きんしちょう
美里 みさと
富樫 慎二 とがし しんじ
赤坂 あかさか
扇屋 おおぎや (Week 2)
湯川 学 ゆかわ まなぶ
草薙 くさなぎ
帝都大学 ていとだいがく
旧江戸川 きゅうえどがわ
岸谷 きしたに
間宮 まみや
篠崎 しのざき
山辺 躍子 やまべ ようこ
亀戸 かめいど
森下駅 もりしたえき (Week 3)
荻窪 おぎくぼ
江東区 こうとうく
錦糸町 きんしちょう
哲哉 てつや
工藤 くどう (Week 4)
大崎 おおさき
上野 実香 うえの みか (Week 5)
瑞江駅 みずええき
浜町駅 はまちょうえき
森岡 もりおか
汐留 しおどめ
工藤 那明 くどう くにあき
都営新宿線 とえいしんじゅくせん (Week 6)
品川 しながわ
Name Reading Notes Proof
杉村 園子 すぎむら そのこ

Just one new name this week:
杉村 園子 すぎむら そのこ


I‘m starting to feel more and more sorry for 石神. I‘m hoping we will get a more sound reason for his 献身 at one point that goes beyond 一目惚れ.
It was nice seeing 湯川 show some feelings for his 旧友. I wasn’t sure what to think of him before, but he seems to really care about 石神…

I also once again realized that I really like the style of the book. We know who did it, but there’s still so much of the details left in the dark, so you still get this feeling of working out the case together with the detectives (while simultaneously being ahead of them).

A few thoughts

For someone who is probably one of the good guys, 湯川 sure has an ominous presence. If I were 石神 I’d be feeling, if I only put that alumni letter in a drawer…

草薙 and 湯川 with the truce, yay. Working with 湯川 has to be vexing–just tell me what you know, 湯川!! is what I would be thinking all the time. I think 湯川 has his reasons, but from 草薙’s perspective, he must just want to shake him.

靖子 continues to get a lot of sympathy from me. I’m impressed she’s holding it together right now.


I didn’t manage to read a lot today so I don’t dare open the spoilers yet. I just really need to share my amusement at this part about halfway through chapter 12: まどろっこしいな、と石神は苛立った。この人も数学は苦手に違いないと思った。

I love it. :smiley:


I thought it was funny as well :joy_cat:


Really intrigued by everything 湯川 related :eyes: