Week 5: 容疑者Xの献身 - The Devotion of Suspect X 🌹

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容疑者Xの献身 - The Devotion of Suspect X :rose: Home Thread

Week 5


Start Date: Feb 20th
Previous Part: Week 4


Week Start Date End Chapter End Page Page Count
Week 5 Feb 20th [End Chapter 9] 188 49

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Proper Noun Readings

Name Reading Notes Proof
石神 いしがみ
新大橋 しんおおはし
隅田川 すみだがわ
清洲橋 きよすばし
靖子 やすこ
米沢 よねざわ
小代子 さよこ
金子 かねこ
錦糸町 きんしちょう
美里 みさと
富樫慎二 とがししんじ
赤坂 あかさか
扇屋 おおぎや
湯川 学 ゆかわ まなぶ
草薙 くさなぎ
帝都大学 ていとだいがく
旧江戸川 きゅうえどがわ
岸谷 きしたに
間宮 まみや
篠崎 しのざき
山辺 躍子 やまべ ようこ
亀戸 かめいど
森下駅 もりしたえき
荻窪 おぎくぼ
江東区 こうとうく
錦糸町 きんしちょう
哲哉 てつや
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Done with half of this week‘s reading already (until the end of chapter 8).
I really really liked the question 湯川 asked 石神 there at the end… the allusion to the case and the question whether it’s more difficult to plan the perfect murder or to solve it is just so perfect.
But why do I feel like 湯川 is really good at acting/feigning ignorance while 石神 and 花岡‘s acting is falling apart already :laughing:
I also like how 石神 is getting more jealous of 工藤… the 人間関係 are getting real complicated and I love it.

Gonna go read chapter 9 now :v:t3:


I just finished this week’s reading. Here are the new names:

上野 実香 うえの みか
瑞江駅 みずええき
浜町駅 はまちょうえき
森岡 もりおか
汐留 しおどめ
工藤 那明 くどう くにあき (we got his first name)
And last week I thought this one wouldn’t come up again but it did:
大崎 おおさき

I did not get the allusion at the end of chapter 8, thanks for pointing it out @Myria!


They gon get busted! :speak_no_evil: :see_no_evil: Who’s gonna do something rash and get caught in the web? With 花岡 wanting to feel good and all that… :see_no_evil: