Week 6: 佐賀のがばいばあちゃん 👵🏼

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Week 6


Start Date: May 7th
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Week 6 May 7th Chapter 9 17

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Finished the chapter and I had to research a few things:


These are the sweets from Hiroshima that the mother offered to the children:
It’s a buckwheat and rice cake filled with read bean paste, shaped like a Japanese maple leaf. Looks yummy.


Wrapped money offerings (from 捻る “to twist”, because that’s they way they are wrapped).

Among other things, apparently they may be thrown onto the stage during Kabuki plays.


Apparently this was a singing battle program for entertainers and their families. It aired from 1972 to 1986. There are videos online, but I haven’t found any with 島田. (On the other hand, I’m still very bad at searching in Japanese). It would be cool if we could watch it.


I once had the opportunity to attend a very local, very small town festival in Hokkaido. At the end there was a bit of a karaoke party on stage that also involved throwing お捻り on stage. I was really surprised, haha. It was fun to have it appear in the book!


Read a bit too much today and finished the chapter (poor sleep shedule).
Liked it but will add more detailed thoughts on friday when I have more time to write.
Still need to add some of the vocabulary to anki.

Any progress on this? Would love to see any of the ones where the mother appears


Well, I tried my best - but no luck. I did find a couple of interesting things, however!

The first being an old drama of 佐賀のがばいばあちゃん on youtube. Up to 59 minutes is safe for where we are in Ch 9. The captions aren’t in Japanese, unfortunately… but especially having read the book, I don’t think it’s so challenging to listen to.

I also found a short, old documentary on 島田洋七, mostly about when he was a part of B&B with a little about him growing up.


Did anyone figure out what 走っとっとー is supposed to be? It’s right at the start: 「うわぁ、汽車、走っとっとー!」The first bit must come from 走って, but the last とー confuses me.


Based on these:

  • The explanatory “の” is replaced by “と” (to).
    • Ex.:手紙を書いたと?= Wrote [a] letter [explanation request].
  • The continuative conjugation “~ている” (teiru)becomes “とっ”.
    • Ex.:書いとっ=[Someone is] writing.

it might be 走っているの。


I found this explanation: 博多弁「とっとーと」が、もはや何を言っているのか分からない - ITmedia NEWS
(they explain it for a different verb but anyways.)

Like @omk3 suspected it’s 走っているの or 走っていての. I think the sound shift is easier to understand when replacing いる with おる, i.e.

走っていての → 走っておっての → 走っとっての → 走っとっと

or something, I guess.