Week 6: パノラマ島綺譚

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Week 6


Start Date: November 27th
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Week 6 Nov 27 16-18 95 ? ? 16

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Not to spoil anything, but I hope everyone’s excited for three more chapters of wall-to-wall seaweed taxonomy!!!

Gallery Part 2



アア、あのふくろみたいなものかい。あれは見る通り海藻の一種で、 わたも って云うんだ相だ。嚢の形をしているんだね。



On second thought I think I’ll leave this one up to you…

(I’m kidding!)

This section is where I’d really start to wonder about plumbing, catering, heating, and what direction was provided to all the 裸女 in order to get them to take this extremely weird バイト seriously enough to loll around with sufficient unencumbered arcadian etherealness instead of whatever the 1920s equivalent of checking their phones would be, but I suppose to Ranpo those would probably fall under the category of questions previously responded to with the answer “MONEY,” huh.


These detailed descriptions of the under water scenery really clash with the ‘this is too long to get into so I’ll leave it up to the readers imagination’ parts. :joy:


Thank god you were! Still, I can’t say I’m really enjoying these long descriptions full of complicated vocab…

One thing that bugs me is that I don’t see how he could’ve achieved all of that (and more we haven’t seen yet) in under a year, even with all the MONEY in the world.


I think there’s definitely a heavy dose of suspension of disbelief involved… maybe even magical realism.

I suppose if he’s gotten us to accept there’s a dude who looks exactly like a completely unrelated dude to the point of being able to pull off this extremely elaborate switcheroo, it’s not too much more to assume an almost supernatural logistical prowess in coordinating all this construction :sweat_smile: