Week 6: 人間失格

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Week 6


Start Date: Aug 7th
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Week Start Date Chapter / End Phrase End Page Kindle LOC Kindle % Page Count
Week 6 Aug 7th 第三の手記・一: どこへも、訪ねて行けない。(just before 堀木。in a separate line) 88 984 58% 10

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This week was short but not easy nevertheless.

This week spoiler

1-So the MC goes into a special place to help him get better. He can’t go outside or receive visits. He can only read magazines and sleep all day.
2-ヒメラ tell him that if he need help with the future he can consult her.
3-Not sure if he is discharged or he ran away. I think he ran away and he wonders how she feels about it so he writes her letters.

I will be waiting for the fun facts as always.


I’m actually taking a break this week to tidy up some other stuff, but I promise I’ll come back! :upside_down_face:

  1. ヒラメ is the guy who was introduced towards the end of chapter 2: an antique seller who used to visit his dad and who’s from the same village as the main character. He was listed as his guarantor (保証人) at school, and when the police told the MC to call someone, he called ヒラメ. So it’s not really a special place but it’s the only person he had.
  2. Yes except ヒラメ is a dude. ヒラメ would like the MC to come up with a plan for his life, or at least show some willingness to start a new life (kind of a difficult thing to ask from someone who is supposed to be suicidal IMO)
  3. He ran away yeah, mostly because he didn’t want to be a burden. He indeed left a letter saying he was just out for the day in order to (momentarily) avoid worrying ヒラメ.

Seems like I missed huge info. That is one of the problems of stopping mid-chapter. Anyway, good thing I wrote my thoughts here.

Thx for the clarification.

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