Week 4: 冷たい密室と博士たち - Doctors in Isolated Room (S&M Vol.2)

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冷たい密室と博士たち - Doctors in Isolated Room (S&M Vol.2) Home Thread

Week 4


Start Date: July 17th
Previous Part: Week 3
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Week Start Date Chapter Page Count
Week 4 July 17th Chapter 6 + 7 ~36 + ~42

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I’m officially still keeping up. Also up to speed with 人間失格 in the main club as well. What I’m not up to speed with is Wanikani. Level 52 is going to be a long one! :rofl:


I somehow caught up just in time, so I’m reading along :3


I only just finished this week’s reading. As NicoleRauch pointed out it’s the longest week, I hope everyone is doing ok.

I don’t have much to comment but I’m still having a lot of trouble keeping track of all the characters, and the big information dumps in chapter 7 are not helping.

Also I didn’t really understand the comment about watermelons at the very end of chapter 6, if anyone can enlighten me.


Am doing ok! :3 Started next week’s part, though I notice the thread hasn’t been posted yet
cc @NicoleIsEnough :caught_durtling:

I liked the info dump actually :laughing: I was lagging a bit behind when you guys warned about tons of new characters being introduced, so that helped me make sure to focus on each of them a bit better so not to lose track of them. So thanks to that warning, it went kind of okay compared to when the characters in the previous book was introduced. Not to say I remember everything about each of them, that would require some note taking :grimacing:

As for the watermelons, it seemed like a metaphorical inside-joke kind of comment (though I feel “inside-joke” isn’t the right descriptor :thinking:). I’m not sure I understood it completely either, but it seemed like Saikawa compared Kita to watermelons because of something Kita said. (Saikawa hates watermelons → 食えない). I don’t know exactly which part of the back-and-and forth he didn’t like, maybe all of it? :woman_shrugging: since it seemed like they were teasing each other.


I’m still lagging a little bit behind, but nothing that I’m worried about :+1:

My biggest issue is that I can’t read the names :joy_cat: My next big project should be to get more used to name readings and name kanji and stuff…

I did not really get that either, but I think it was mentioned in passing in the first book already? Maybe it is to somewhat demonstrate that Saikawa has an unusual personality? (I mean, if somebody says that they don’t fancy watermelons, I can totally understand that, but that somebody actually hates them? Something that is not too far from the sugary brown water he likes to drink? Weird. :woman_shrugging:)

Oooo thanks for the reminder! I went to bed super-early yesterday because I got my second Covid shot (all good except that I was very very tired) and today it somehow slipped my mind :roll_eyes:


Haaa, thank you both, I kinda get the watermelon thing now!

As for reading names, I’ve been using this deck and find it useful. After learning a few hundred names, you start getting a bit more comfortable.

The one name I can never remember is Moe’s butler, and he’s not in the character list. Anyone remember the reading?


I’m pretty sure the name was すわの.


Thank you, my hero!

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oh yeah, in chapter 7.4 I was surprised to see the word 飛び込み自殺. Mainly because there was a thread recently that expressed concern about that word being on WK (level 34). Just thought it was a bit ironic in a way :grimacing:


Thank you for the pointer to this deck! I’ve downloaded it and am now studying the names that are listed at the start of the book which is 41 first + last names. 27 of them (I think) were contained in the deck, and I added the others. And what can I say - I am already able to read a few of the names! :tada: So it was a big success and will hopefully help me even more in the future :slight_smile: