Week 2: 冷たい密室と博士たち - Doctors in Isolated Room (S&M Vol.2)

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冷たい密室と博士たち - Doctors in Isolated Room (S&M Vol.2) Home Thread

Week 2


Start Date: July 3rd
Previous Part: Week 1
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Week Start Date Chapter Page Count
Week 2 July 3rd Chapter 2 + 3 ~36 + ~34

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I finished this week’s reading. So far it’s very reminiscent of vol. 1 :stuck_out_tongue: I wonder if some of it has to do with the book order change, since these two books were not supposed to be one after the other. But in any case, I would recommend against inviting Saikawa and Moe to visit your research facility if you don’t want mysterious 密室 murders to occur spontaneously.

The subtle sexist undertones are also familiar from book 1. In particular I find it kind of shocking that a professor would comment on the physique of female students. But this book is 25 years old, and in Japan (which is not known for gender equality), so maybe I shouldn’t be so surprised.

On the other hand I always really enjoy when characters discuss kanji (in this case 街/町 and 土木/建築). Maybe because it’s such a Japanese thing. It’s not something I could be reading in French or English, and it must be really hard to translate!


Week 2 will soon be over. Is everyone still here? :sweat_smile: Should we slow down the pace?


I’ve just been busy reading other stuff, so haven’t started this week’s portion yet :sweat_smile: Will definitely have more time next week tho, so whether we change the pace or not, I don’t mind either way :slight_smile:

maybe it’s too early for me to say that, I don’t really know the pace yet :caught_durtling:

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Ahem :sweat_smile: I was unexpectedly busy this week and only started the second half of this week’s assignment today. But from my perspective it would be too early to slow down. I’ll rather see how well I can manage to catch up today and how well I can keep the pace next week.


It’s just that there are so few of us to begin with, I don’t want to lose people. What do @Jfredel78 and @valkow think?


I’m a little behind but not a lot behind. I’m happy with whatever everyone decides. :+1:


Ok I think we can keep this pace for now and reevaluate at the end of next week.


Same as @Valkow. I have a few pages left but will be into Week 3’s reading by the end of today.


I finished this reading yesterday. I don’t really have anything to say, but I wanted to check in! One thing is I was having a hard time picturing the experiment room based on the description, but then I remembered there was a diagram in the front. I was totally picturing it incorrectly, so hooray for visual assistance.


The exact same thing happened to me! I spent forever trying to visualize the floor plan until I remembered the map. I also had the experiment room slightly wrong, but I got the 3 office rooms right (助教授室、助手室、教授室) which took me a while to understand so I was happy enough with that.


(note to self: ch.2 has 6 7 parts, ch.3 has 7 6 parts :writing_hand: edit: got them mixed up :caught_durtling: )

  • I originally assumed that this would be about some sort of theoretical physics experiment, but I’m glad I was wrong. The actual setup is really cool :thinking:
  • I definitely didn’t expect the お前はもう死んでいる reference