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Week 1


Start Date: April 27
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Week Start Date End Phrase End Page End Percentage Page Count
Week 1 April 27 語っていた。 31 28% 26

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Got to around 6% so far. The beginning was a bit tedious due to a lot of new vocabulary piercing related but then when they started talking it started to be easier!. Interested to see where this is going :slight_smile:


Finished this week’s section!
This is a very grown-up book to read, I feel like I’ve only read things directed to teenagers / young children for a while so it feels a bit funny.

Also sometimes I feel a little embarrassed, like during the scene where they have intercourse or other times when it’s about genitals, I was dreading a bit, “I hope no one will see me read that”, the same way you would feel as a teen when you watch a normal movie and suddenly your parents walk-in when the 1 romantic-scene is happening – and then I remember that I’m reading in Japanese and no one that I know can understand what I’m reading :joy:

At 9% in my version

I knew about most of the body transformations they are talking about, but 纏足 - Wikipedia was a new one to me.

At 15% in my version

Also learned about 原宿系. An image search for that provides fun examples!

At 21% in my version

Just learned about that grammar point today!


Finished the first week as well! I thought the book was off to a pretty disgusting start, but I grew on it :laughing: and I really like our crazy couple! Curious to see how this continues; will she end up with Shiba and have Ama go mad on him? :flushed:

:rofl: I read the first few pages on the plane, and sometimes I physically flinched, so I was also very glad that I read it in Japanese!


Some descriptions weren’t for the faint-hearted :eyes:.

When you say you like them? :flushed:

Ama is a dangerous psycho basically, and Rui seems to have a death wish, or at least not care all that much what happens to her one way or another.

By the way, does 未成年 mean under 18 or under 20?


I also thought that they were quite endearing in the last scene when they both found out they lied about their age :grin: (and yes good question, not sure what age that means)


By the way, how darkly hilarious was the scene where the friend flees the bloody crime scene, but not before politely suggesting they meet up again sometime soon to have fun? :rofl:


Haha yes I liked that one. I also liked how she said tattoos? Well flowers or butterflies are nice


Well, she is a ギャル after all :grin:

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It means under 20. Which is a lot more believable than 16 or 17 :sweat_smile:

I rather see him as „tough shell, soft inside“ with some control problems :woman_shrugging: which might get him into trouble at some point, and which is a bit scary, but I think he’s good at heart.

I don’t see that at all. She feels rather very curious to me. Plus, she describes herself as M, so maybe that’s why you take her as uninterested in what happens to her?

I laughed at that as well :rofl:

And the tattoo scene as well! Roses? I was rather thinking of a dragon :grin:
(Did I mention already that I like her? :wink:)


This was my take as well, until he beat that guy to a bloody pulp and took out two teeth. If his control problems make him likely to kill someone, then I wouldn’t just call them “some control problems”. He may be sweet at heart, but he’s also highly dangerous.

She is with a guy she just met and who she recognizes may be dangerous if she tells him she doesn’t want to be with him. She also never intended to be his girlfriend, just a casual hookup, but never sets him straight when he acts like they’re supposed to be together forever, get the same piercings and tattoos, etc. And while he was right to snap at that creep on the street (although not to that degree), he acts overprotective and jealous any time someone looks at her (see tattoo guy). Anyway, she lets a stranger basically take her to a place she knows nothing about to get her tongue split on a whim. She flirts with the S guy in front of the guy who took her there. She is just very mildly annoyed when Ama doesn’t follow her instructions during sex. She may well end up pregnant (to say the least) because of his (and her) carelessness, but she shrugs it off. I know, this is all just basically being young. But there are degrees to that too, and I feel like she’s like, let’s see where the current takes me, whatever happens is fine - more than most. Of course this makes for an interesting novel, so no complaints :smiley:


The way I see it:

Then the aggression in the street happens and sudddenly

I saw it as a turning point for her, she would love to leave it at that with this guy after what she saw, but at the same time that she realizes that now it would be dangerous for herself to just leave him. So her mind shifts to “this is my life now”, she probably plans to stay until she finds a safe way out. And while being there, they discover that they have more in common than they thought.


I definitely founds lots of the reading rather hard to stomach, especially near the beginning. I didn’t bat an eyelid at anything in the book club’s previous read, 虐殺器官, but just imagining the things in this book was a bit much for me at times (I find piercing anywhere other than on the ear difficult to look at or think about). I’m hoping that those kinds of descriptions were largely front-loaded in the first few pages.

I did like that linguistically the book is fairly easy reading, especially at points where there’s plenty of dialogue (makes a nice change from the esoteric conversations of 虐殺器官).

I don’t find myself at all endeared to the characters so far - quite the opposite, in fact. I do like that the characters have led to some spirited discussion in the thread so far (and I agree with a lot of omk3’s assessments).

I actually accidentally read slightly ahead to the next scene because the end point said 24% in my version and was glad to realize that I’d got to the end of this week’s reading as I was rather put off by the next scene and wanted a break but we’ll discuss that next week .

I am somewhat curious to see what the book ends up being about. It’s definitely not the sort of thing I’d gravitate towards, but in that sense I appreciate it and the book club for being an opportunity to step outside of my comfort zone/ tastes.



First time reading a book with the bookclub :smiley:

Finished reading this week section.

Some parts were pretty graphic, like when rui was describing the process of splitting the tongue. Really interesting to learn new vocab from the piercing and tatoo world. Ama is going to have some problem with the police very soon, i did not expect him to be minor though.