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Week 2


Start Date: April 27
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Week Start Date End Phrase End Page End Percentage Page Count
Week 2 May 4 猿並だ。 77 65% 46

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Will be reading this week’s assignment in several sessions, so here are my notes so far! Reached 35%.

At 26% in my version


Apparently 猪鹿蝶 is a combinaison in the Japanese playing cards 花札(ハナフダ) (which can be played online for free here: 花札 , looks cool, maybe I should read the rules and try to play it )

Well time to learn the animal names I guess!
猪 - wild boar
鹿 - deer
蝶 - butterfly
麒麟 - giraffe or qilin (Chinese unicorn) Well the reading is きりん and my dictionary says giraffe, but an image search for 麒麟 definitely shows only Chinese unicorns. Searching for キリン gives giraffe images.
一角獣 - unicorn or qilin (Chinese unicorn) or narwhal

At 27% in my version

芥川龍之介 is a Japanese write who took his own life at 35.

At 28% in my version

TIL that mule is a kind of shoe

At 35% in my version

「カミノコ? 何かノコギリみたい」
Is ノコギリ a saw? Didn’t understand what she meant there.


I’m not sure either, but I think it’s just a pun. She’s making fun of what he said. The fact that she uses katakana tells me that she’s focusing on the sound rather than the meaning, and takes the ノコ part to turn what he said into something else. I looked up the translation, and it goes: "Child of God? Isn’t that the title of some crappy B-movie?


Thanks! I thought it could be a pun too considering the katakana but couldn’t see what. Maybe something we don’t know about saw being an expression for crappy B-movies or something…

I asked a Japanese friend, and he said that there is a type of saw called カネノコ, and that she was making that joke remark based on the similarity of the sounds.

Thoughts on this week

Well, this week’s reading definitely made me feel sorry for アマ (despite him definitely having murdered that guy), because of the main character’s interactions with シバ, which he seems at least suspicious of.

Most of the stuff シバ said grossed me out/ creeped me out. I didn’t want to look up 死姦 but I can infer from the kanji what it means…

Also 「いいね。お前の苦しそうな顔。すげえ勃つよ。」was where I noped out last week after having accidentally read past the endpoint.

I was expecting more events revolving around アマ having committed murder. The time gaps in the story made me wonder if it will be relevant again, but I’m guessing it still will be. Especially with the main character worrying about it and it also being mentioned how she still has 2 of the victim’s teeth. However, I also wouldn’t be surprised if it doesn’t end up being a focus of the story in the end.

All I am expecting from the story going forward is stuff about the main character getting スプリットタン and some sort of drama between アマ, シバ and ルイ. I don’t have any solid predictions though.

At 36% in my version

That’s the kind of sentence that makes me go “oh, I don’t know in which year this is written.”. 2003 it turns out. Alright, fair enough then.

At 44% in my version

「中沢さん」So now we know her name, halfway into the book :smiley: Jotoba name result for "中沢"
Probably the reading is Nakasawa? How is it in the translation?


The book is short because so is ルイ’s life…


I asked a Japanese friend and they said the reading is often Nakazawa, but Nakasawa is also a possibility.


I don’t think Rui is going to die. I guess Shiba is in fact interested in her, without wanting to say so. She is the perfect M for him, and although he is S he shows his gentle side quite a bit. I can imagine that Ama freaks out towards Shiba, but I expect Shiba to win easily. Maybe Shiba will kill him, maybe he won’t but the police bumps into him afterwards and accidentally finds out about the previous incident. We‘ll see…


He did say so, if I remember correctly there was a line saying “if you split up with Ama, you could be my girlfriend”


Oh true, I forgot about that :grin:

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To be fair, a few lines later, I wonder if 「でも、お前の苦しそうな顔見れなかったら、勃たないかな」 isn’t even worse somehow…