Week 1: 夏のレプリカ - Replaceable Summer

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夏のレプリカ - Replaceable Summer Home Thread

Week 1


Start Date: Aug 05
Next Part: Week 2


Week Start Date Chapter Page Count
Week 1 Aug 05 Chapter 2 ~74

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Proper Noun Readings

Name Reading Notes Proof
西之園 萌絵 にしのその もえ
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Well that was an intense start. Not much of a mystery so far but I’m curious to see where this goes. I’m also curious to see how things unfold without Saikawa and Moe for the most part. Based on the previous book, it seems like they don’t start getting involved until maybe halfway through?


When I came across 兄の素生は、目が見えない。 I immediately got Eugenia vibes :cold_sweat:


Haha yeah me too


And then it continues to tell us that she maybe has feelings for her brother… did 森博嗣 suddenly turn into an 恩田陸 clone? :thinking:

Also I am far more intrigued by the backstory around said brother than by what is going on with the kidnappers… What is that mysterious event she mentioned that made the family lock him up? And will he survive this whole thing? I assume he has access to a bathroom so he can at least drink enough water. He should be ok…


I finally got around to starting this. I just have to pretend I’m in the Southern Hemisphere so it’s still summer…

  • Exciting start :+1:
  • I don’t have the slightest clue how this will tie into the previous book. I think Moe mentioned another incident at some point, but otherwise I don’t remember any loose threads or anything.
  • I’m guessing the brother is either dead or has disappeared. He’s in a locked room in a locked room mystery series after all.
  • My wife just started watching Pretty Little Liars, which also has a couple of mysterious stepsiblings, one of whom is blind. Surely it’s all connected :thinking:

Hey, glad you are joining us after all!

:rofl: That’s indeed a hint that is pretty difficult to disregard!

Isn’t that crazy? I should start making a list of unusual things that get mentioned in every other book I‘m reading :thinking:


Here to report that I’ve finished this part :high_touch:

I can’t remember whether Tomoe showed up again in the previous book after she met Moe and then traveled back home :thinking: I think Moe tried to phone call Tomoe at some point because she really wanted to tell her something and Tomoe didn’t pick up.

Ohh, same! Very mysterious :eyes:


Characters in week 1. I borrowed the table from the OP.

Name Reading Notes Proof
簑沢 杜萌 みのさわ ともえ
佐伯 千栄子 さえき ちえこ
簑沢 素生 みのさわ もとき
簑沢 泰史 みのさわ やすし
簑沢 紗奈恵 みのさわ さなえ No furigana
簑沢 祥子 みのさわ さちこ
水谷 みずたに Butler?
杉田 すぎた Secretary