Week 1: 傲慢と善良 😤😇 (Advanced Book Club)

Week 1

Start Date: November 11
Next Part: Week 2
Home Thread: 傲慢と善良 :triumph::innocent:
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Start date To read Num pages
Week 1 Nov 11 Prologue + chapter 1 until なぜかふいに思い出した。 32

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  • When asking for help, please mention the page number. Also mention what version of the book you are reading.
  • Don’t be afraid of asking questions, even if they seem embarrassing at first. All of us are here to learn.
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Proper Noun Readings

Name Reading
西澤架 にしざわ かける
坂庭真実 さかにわ まみ
坂庭陽子 さかにわ ようこ
岩間希実 いわま のぞみ
Name Reading
阿佐谷 あさがや
富洲 とよす
小岩 こいわ
群馬 ぐんま
前橋 まえばし

I had said I probably wouldn’t participate this time but miwuc shamed me into joining here I am!

So far it’s very suspenseful and readable! I have no idea what direction it’s going to go, but it looks to me that this 真美 is hiding stuff. I can’t imagine a situation where you see someone in your own home and don’t instantly call the police. Or where you leave your very expensive engagement ring in a house you’re afraid to be in, instead of your own fiance’s house where you currently live. Very strange.


I would never! But I’m glad to have you on board :smile:


I had the same impression. I wonder if we’re simply reading too much mystery stuff or if there’s really something to it. :joy: But yeah, the not sharing details, not going to the police or talking to anyone else about it even… It’s all just a bit off!


I was very curious how this book would feel to me difficulty wise, since かがみの孤城 was the first book that I could read very easily and without lookups.

And I’m very glad that 傲慢と善良 did not disappoint! I don’t know how this author does it, but somehow she writes the most accessible things that are still interesting. So far, I like the premise more than かがみの孤城 and am very excited to see where this story heads too :smiley:

Do you think there might be no stalker after all? It seems like there is not a lot of proof :thinking:


My guess is there is somebody after her, but it’s not a stalker…


I was considering sitting this one out since I still have a lot on the back burner and the N2 next month, and I was feeling a bit drained after マリアビートル. But I read the free sample out of curiosity and now I’m hooked.


Glad to see everyone is enjoying the book so far ^^

And now it’s time for… our weekly* quiz!

How is 希実 read (in this book)?
  • まれみ
  • のぞみ
  • きみ
  • けじつ
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Where does the main character live?
  • 富洲
  • 阿佐谷
  • 前橋
  • 小岩
0 voters
At the end of this week’s reading, what day is it? (most likely)
  • Jan 31st
  • February 1st
  • February 2nd
  • February 3rd
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*no guarantee on weekly quizzes actually being weekly


Who is that? :thinking:

Do you maybe mean 真美?

And I admit I don’t remember any of the other answers…
(Who is the main character?)


I didn’t want to make it too easy, so I probably made it too hard ^^’

希実 is a character that was mentioned but we haven’t met her (yet) (I assume) (she’s 真美’s sister)

By “main character” I mean the guy, 架.


Joke’s on me. I searched for the name thinking it might be another character, but I typed it wrong, and of course nothing came up :see_no_evil:

So do I fail the book club if I don’t know any of the answers? :eyes:
(I’ll make sure to read more carefully next week!)


Not at all ^^’ I’ll try to strike a better difficulty balance next week (it was a bit of a curveball this week since you didn’t know it was coming).


It’s a fun idea. Keeps us on our toes.


A fourth person needs to vote for the one town option that’s still open! :grin:

Fun idea! I really only knew the first one, the rest is a huge mush with all the other books I started over the last few days.