Week 5: 傲慢と善良 😤😇 (Advanced Book Club)

Week 5

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Week 5 Dec 9 Chapter 3 57

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Proper Noun Readings

Name Reading
西澤架 にしざわ かける
坂庭真実 さかにわ まみ
坂庭陽子 さかにわ ようこ
岩間希実 いわま のぞみ
大原 おおはら
美奈子 みなこ
正治 しょうじ
小野里 おのざと
Name Reading
阿佐谷 あさがや
富洲 とよす
小岩 こいわ
群馬 ぐんま
前橋 まえばし
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Answers to last week’s quiz:

  • 小野里 thinks that people who know what kind of life they’re looking for (who have a “vision”) are the ones who succeed at 婚活
  • 小野里 describes Pride and Prejudice as 究極の結婚小説
  • Price and Prejudice is called 高慢と偏見, although 自負と偏見 and 自尊と偏見 are alternative translations of the title according to wikipedia. 傲慢と偏見 is the only one I made up.

I liked this weeks reading. This chapter actually felt really real to me, especially the last scene in which they had sex. I felt like this was an accurate depiction of the shame, guilt and fear that probably built up because of the way 真実 was brought up and how much pressure this was for 架.
I was a bit afraid the book would be preachy, but it seems like it’s a bit more gray and less black and white, which I enjoy. I am still curious to see how it develops from here on and can’t really make any predictions what exactly happened to 真実. It does seem like the book wants us to think she ran away because it is emphasizing she has so little experience with men and maybe wants to try something new or got cold feet to settle with “the first guy”, but from what we’ve heard about her I can’t really picture her lashing out in that way.


I agree that from what we’ve learned about her so far it doesn’t sound like she would run away with a guy. On the other hand, it seems that 架 is surprised by everything he learns and didn’t picture her as someone with so little sense of self. On the other hand, it seems he didn’t know that much about her after all?? Didn’t we tell you 2 years of dating wasn’t enough before getting married??

The book is starting to remind me of ユージニア. It seems like we’ll be learning about 真美 from the point of view of different characters.


And here’s your weekly quiz!

You love those (don’ t you??) it’s the kanji reading question! How is 桐歌 read? (希実’s daughter)
  • えりか
  • きりか
  • どうか
  • とうか
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What’s 希実’s husband’s job?
  • Electronics engineer
  • Freelance designer
  • Dentist assistant
  • Local politician
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What did 架’s mom make for 桐歌?
  • ゼリー
  • カステラ
  • プリン
  • シフォンケーキ
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In particular even if she might ghost Kakeru I can’t see her leaving her parents absolutely no word about whether she’s safe, and they didn’t seem to me like they would be successfully acting concerned when talking to him but actually concealing that they’d got a message from her.


Yeah, I found it a bit strange. It seems like he went neither for that spark nor to align goals, like I can see marrying someone because you want, for example, kids in a set time period and if everything lines up nicely with that other person and you work well together, I don’t think you need that spark. But I feel like neither of these things were present? I feel like he just (and maybe she too?) wanted to settle because he felt like he should. I am not really sure what he actually is looking for in his relationship. I guess this is also teased a lot when he talked to 小野里 and she said similar things about who “makes it” in the arranged dating world.


Mmm, I think he’s not exactly sure either (apart from the unattainable “immediately the same kind of connection I had with my ex, plus being a family”), which is probably why he neither said “no, Maki is not the right person for me”, nor committed to marrying her earlier, but sort of drifted along until the night when she came to him for protection pushed him into it.