Week 2: 傲慢と善良 😤😇 (Advanced Book Club)

Week 2

Start Date: November 18
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Home Thread: 傲慢と善良 :triumph::innocent:
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Start date To read Num pages
Week 2 Nov 18 Rest of chapter 1 33

Discussion Guidelines

  • Please use spoiler tags for major events in the current section(s) and any content in future sections.
  • When asking for help, please mention the page number. Also mention what version of the book you are reading.
  • Don’t be afraid of asking questions, even if they seem embarrassing at first. All of us are here to learn.
  • To you lurkers out there: Join the conversation, it’s fun!


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Proper Noun Readings

Name Reading
西澤架 にしざわ かける
坂庭真実 さかにわ まみ
坂庭陽子 さかにわ ようこ
岩間希実 いわま のぞみ
Name Reading
阿佐谷 あさがや
富洲 とよす
小岩 こいわ
群馬 ぐんま
前橋 まえばし

Answers to last week’s quiz:

  • As everyone knew/guessed, 希実 is read のぞみ, although きみ is also a valid reading.
  • According to my notes, the main character (架) lives in 豊洲. 阿佐谷 is where 真美 lives, 小岩 is where 希実 (her sister) lives, and 前橋 I think is where 真美 used to work/met the stalker
  • The last one was a bit tricky. It says 真美 left her job at the end of January, and that was two days ago, so today is probably February 2nd.

I got everything correct! :relieved: (after I went back and looked it up)

The answer to the third question is not as tricky as you think though. At the start of chapter 1, there’s the phrase 二月二日。深夜二時。自宅マンションのドアを開ける。 It’s when he gets home and Mami is nowhere to be seen.


Good job! Indeed I missed that ^^


Damn I guess I had already passed those parts too quickly by the time the quiz was posted—I was going off a phrase later in the chapter that just said “it was early February”, and I was dismayed when I looked at the answer choices and saw that that barely narrowed it down :rofl:.

I dig the quizzes! Hopefully it’ll force me to focus a bit more.


I had a bit of a hard time staying focused because I really wanted to see more of 架 trying to find 真実. I guess that will continue in the next chapter though? In general, he seemed a bit too relaxed to me, considering that the police told him they weren’t looking for his girlfriend and he assumed she was kidnapped (?) by a stalker.

The police’s reasoning for not looking for her was pretty annoying, though. I hope this part is closer to fiction than real life :eyes:

But, I wonder, will this story be more about the main character coming to terms with settling down and dealing with past heartbreak, rather than searching for his missing girlfriend? Or is it about the social pressure to get married? I’m curious to see where this is going.


The quizzes are a great idea!

I got the second question wrong because I considered the main character to be someone else. :rofl:


Personally I liked the whole discussion on 婚活, I thought it was interesting. And we had our first half title drop!

It’s a bit hard to pin point what type of novel this is, isn’t it? ^^’ Kinda romance but kinda not, kinda mystery but kinda not? Actually in various places they describe it as 恋愛ミステリ.

Anyway, here’s this week’s quiz!

What does 架’s company trade
  • Tea
  • Beer
  • Coffee
  • Wine
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How old is 架?
  • 35
  • 37
  • 39
  • 41
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What is アユちゃん’s real name?
  • 亜優子
  • 亜佑子
  • 亜侑子
  • 亜結子
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No way am I getting this one wrong. :beers:

The other two I’m less sure about. Like, one guy in a book im reading is 39, but it might not be this one, haha. In fact, it probably is not. :joy:


I tried to make one easy question at least ^^’ The other ones might still be too hard… but it’s not that easy making questions that are neither too obvious nor too difficult. Still learning :upside_down_face:


I am way behind schedule (life besides reading Japanese novels got in the way :smile:) and are getting two out of three questions wrong. Not really being successful at the moment… :laughing:
Trying to catch up again within December, though. :muscle:


To be fair, I wasn’t sure either and guessed the last two as well :laughing:


I’m a dirty cheater so I looked it up and changed my answer after seeing myself get outvoted :joy:

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