We are starting to retire Script Compatibility Mode

I’m not sure, since they said


My apologies, I didn’t catch that. What an odd choice.

Sorry about not posting about the changes to the subject and level pages earlier. I was/am still learning the ropes.

I am trying my best not to talk too much about what the future might look like and when that future may or may not occur. I don’t want to get caught promising something that may not happen, so I feel it is safer and more socially responsible to only talk about new features and changes when they are closer to being released. That said I will be continuing to migrate pages away from React and in the course of that work, updating the pages to use BEM. The subject and level pages now use Hotwire and the plan is for more pages to follow suit. Hopefully this will bring some consistency that you are after.


I am not sure what cause Script Compatibility Mode notification to show (i.e. considering turning on script compatibility mode, when it is now off).

Anyway, so far, the scripts I am using aren’t broken (for practical usage and in console).

WK has a short list of scripts that they check for, if they find one of them they show the notification. Though I think they only show it once?

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Hi All,

This change is now live. I will keep you updated on further changes to compatibility mode in new topic postings.

Thanks for the feedback so far :+1:


For anyone still following this post, there is a new update here: Removing Legacy Reviews

Would like my jitai back…

Time to learn JS :wink:

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Yeah, I want to know what’s in the list. Also, it’s not fair if the script gets updated anyway.