Sigh. Scripts stopped working, again

The installed scripts are displayed in the list as active (see 1st screenshot), but aren’t actually working.
There are some error messages in the two consoles (see 2nd screenshot), but I have no idea if they’re relevant/serious or how to fix them.
Script Compatibility Mode in account settings was already set to On when this happened.

The ones I need most are the these two scripts: WaniKani Lesson User Synonyms and WaniKani Override.
Any help would be appreciated.

As far as I know the Override Script is not up-to-date and maintained anymore. The Double Check script is its currently maintained ‘twin’ that has replaced it.

In terms of the Lesson User Synonyms Script, its latest version should still be working according to @Sinyaven’s post that was made this June., so you may only have do download version 3.


Thank you, installing new versions seems to have worked, at least the synonyms script works on the lessons page. I had to disable script compatibility mode, disable-enable TamperMonkey and reload the page a few times first.

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