Removing Legacy Reviews

Hi Everyone

Following on from the removal of our legacy lessons from the code base this week, I will continue retiring Script Compatibility Mode from WaniKani by removing the legacy review code next Monday (28 November 2022).

If you want to check in advance whether this change affects any scripts you’re using, please turn off Script Compatibility Mode in the app settings if you have previously enabled it. If it is already turned off, then you should not notice any change when the code is released.

Once the legacy reviews removal has been released I will complete the retirement of Script Compatibility Mode behind the scenes. This will include removing it from the app settings shown above. I won’t write a separate update for this as I don’t expect these changes to impact anyone.

Thanks again for your continued support.


This will break REORDER ULTIMATE 2. You may want to consider switching to Reorder Omega. I know change is frustrating, and that Omega can be confusing, but if you have any questions (about Omega) I am happy to help.


Does an Omega-6 egg cost twice as much as an Omega-3 egg?


No, it’s 3 times more because 6 is 3 more than 3


If userscripts are being removed, is it possible for wanikani to natively support on’youmi in katakana and kun’youmi in hiragana? It makes learning for me a lot easier and opens the door for using my phone to learn kanji. Thanks.


Userscripts aren’t being removed (WK can’t remove them since they run from a browser extension), they’re just removing the script compatibility mode which… does… something…

… I don’t really know what it does to be honest…


so in a nutshell, most scripts are more or less closely tied to the WK webpage (no surprise) and its underlying structure (this is the important bit). Some time ago the WK team started to change this underlying structure quite a lot without the normal user being able to notice, but it made a huge difference to many scripts, and so many of them broke more or less. At that point the WK team introduced “compatibility mode” which basically was the old website before those changes. So the users would still be able to run their old scripts. The idea probably was to buy some time for the script devs so that they could adapt their scripts to the new webpage. But many of the script devs are no longer around, and so this didn’t work out exactly as planned, I guess. Now it’s a huge PITA for the WK developers to have two versions of basically the same thing around, and so compatibility mode is being removed right now, i.e. everybody is forced to use the new webpage, and the scripts don’t work any more. That’s all. :woman_shrugging:


Thank you @NicoleIsEnough, your assessment is correct. :raised_hands:

Further to this, if anyone is curious, there is some documentation in the knowledge base about script compatibility mode. This will be updated / removed in the coming weeks once the transition is complete.


Good Morning All,

I have now released the change that removes legacy reviews from WaniKani. Thank you for your feedback, patience, and help so far.


As a dev I understand the frustration of having to support legacy APIs, but as a user I am just as frustrated at suddenly finding half the functionality of the app broken from my point of view. I hope y’all find a better solution for this issue than (from the PoV of a user) a sudden switch.


I am sorry for the frustration this has caused. We don’t actually support user scripts or provide an API for scripts to hook into. The only API we provide is for data which can be found here: WaniKani API Reference.

I have been keeping an eye on the forums, and it looks like some users have had success by turning off Script Compatibility Mode in their app settings. It looks like some script authors would look for this setting and handle both legacy and modern reviews and lessons. I hope that helps, and do let the script authors know about issues with their scripts, we do try to keep them up to date with changes we make.


I really liked the easy interface of Reorder Ultimate 2… With Omega, if I sort by level, does that mean: Level 1 Radicals → Kanji → Vocabs, Level 2 Radicals → Kanji → Vocabs…
And is there an 1x1 mode?


Just tried and to get

You’d need to sort by type first, then level like this

and is maybe this back-to-back option the 1x1 mode you’re looking for?


Thank you so much for the quick and fantastic help!


Thanks for this! Was able to replace the now-broken Ultimate Reorder 2 script with this (only use it for back-to-back, not modifying order otherwise)

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any chance of making lightning mode from Double-Check compatible? Right now it greys out and makes the input box unselectable for me.

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It should already be compatible, but others have reported the same issue. I’ll have a look at it after work today

Famous last words. WK Double Check is fundamentally broken.

Which begs the question is there any reason that Mistake Delay and Change Answer couldn’t/shouldn’t be baked natively into WK? There really shouldn’t be any reason to force a penalty on users with poor typing habits and quick “Enter” finger.


Is there a reason you kept the setting intact while removing the thing that the setting influences?

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This isn’t the only thing that setting influenced which is why I removed legacy code incrementatlly. This legacy code also blocked me from working on an upcoming feature, so removing it as a single step helps move things forward. Now that I am unblocked I can compete the feature I am working on then round back to completing the removal of the Script Compatibility Mode setting.

I suspect some scripts are looking at the WaniKani.wanikani_compatibility_mode global variable (which I am surprised by) and changing their behaviour based on this. I can’t be certain though as each script does their own thing, and if this is the case I hope that when I remove this variable, scripts aren’t adversely affected again.