Ways in which WK has disappointed me, personally

It (= getting the data of all forum users) has been done a few months ago by @Kumirei. The data are available somewhere on the forum. Let me see if I can dig it up.

Edit: Here

We had 39831 forum accounts with 0 posts, 56140 with 3 posts or less, so 16309 users who posted between 1 and 3 times, out of 68009 recorded forum users at the time.
So people with 1~3 posts account for 24% of all forum users and 58% of all accounts to have ever posted.
I guess it’s possible to filter for people who never returned, but I don’t know enough excel for that.


An interesting approach to the undo-problem is something KameSame does (credit to @searls):

You start with the option to undo your answer for 3 times and every 50 reviews you get an additional undo but it always caps out at 3. Sure you could cheat with this as well but so far I only used them for typos and I, maybe falsely, believe that the vast majority would prefer to just use them for typos as well. This way the undo-button can’t really be abused and it might solve a lot of the problems.

Of course, WaniKani might need some number tweaks since it’s not an exact copy of KS but the general idea is great in my opinion.


First of all, whats the point of using any sort of scripts?? I thought the whole point of learning a course is not to use any helping scripts or cheats and do everything by yourself??

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Thank you for expressing appreciation for the way I implemented this feature. It’s something that took months of thought and was difficult to implement correctly (particularly the variety of situations that can be rolled back and when, thanks to the back button / navigation history), but I think it protects against typo angst while preserving the integrity of the XP system.


What I don’t expect is an ad hominem criticism.

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I pay monthly. Most people who use WK do too, i might be wrong over all though, who knows.

That’s a way to roll out such a feature. I wouldn’t cap it or cap it lower but beggars cant be choosers.

Agree with the OP =)

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Remember, they should be mnemonics if they’re more memorable. That was, ostensibly, the whole point of using them in the first place! Refusing to use them is certainly “balking”. If less outrageous (and therefore less memorable) mnemonics are substituted in order to spare a tiny minority’s unbelievably delicate sensibilities, you are simultaneously harming however many other users WK has.

When you’re suggesting that we shouldn’t have mnemonics with “boobs” or “Joseph Stalin” because those words are inherently harmful, yes, that is whining! We could also call it “crybullying”, “lying”, or “insanity”. The notion that people are being harmed or threatened by slightly outrageous mnemonics is absurd on its face and should be categorically dismissed.

The alternative tells the entire rest of the userbase that Tofugu cares more about catering to a few selfish, manipulative, attention-seeking griefers than about serving the bulk of its users. Particularly when we know that no one’s safety is actually at stake.

I could pretend to be harmed by something harmless and make endless petty demands for the censors to censor themselves, too - and numerous people have done this. What they almost invariably find is that the censors, rather than meekly agreeing, end up making ad hoc arguments for how their speech isn’t problematic or how the people who are complaining don’t have real problems or aren’t eligible to be considered. It’s almost (i.e. definitely) as though the people calling for voluntary censorship so as not to offend certain individuals don’t actually care about the principles they espouse, but are just authoritarian hypocrites using a superficially noble position for cover.

In the bigger picture… this argument in a fairly non-mainstream public forum about whether or not to use words like “boobs” or “gay” to help people memorize kanji is almost meaningless. No one cares. But the root of this argument is a much larger cultural phenomenon that has significant effects on politics and culture, and which has been insufficiently challenged by the mainstream in recent decades - and just as it advanced by inches, through individual conversations and tiny voices, it will be repelled the same way. America, and western culture more generally, has had enough nagging and finger-waving, and the tide of public opinion is shifting away from political correctness and the scolds who enforce it.

And as an aside… we are all trying to learn Japanese here. Some of us may want to move to Japan or already live there; others may mean to visit the country, while others just want to consume Japanese culture. As it so happens, Japanese society is insular and conservative. Tradition and conformity are valued more than individual gain and expression, gender roles are still strong (men and women actually have different ways of speaking!), and deference to bosses and elders is expected. None of that means you necessarily have to be what we would consider socially conservative in America to study Japanese or visit or live in Japan, but if you’re the type of person who goes out of their way to be deeply offended by things and are “harmed” by words used without malice, you are probably barking up entirely the wrong tree. Forget Japan. Go learn to paint or something, because the treasure at the end of this rainbow is just going to end up offending you.


Can’t you just tell by the colour? What makes hovering over it so special?


You are getting deeply disturbed by the fact that for whatever reason wanikani changed some memonics. Were you this offended on the behalf of mullet wearers when they removed that! It’s a conspiracy I say let those locks flow in the face of pinko liberal commies who say otherwise!!

We don’t know why they changed them. Perhaps to have a more family friendly site? To update other memonics in a way that would make sense? Because people complained? Because they were worried people would complain? Who knows.

You are a guy deeply concerned about PC and freedom of speech and what not and here you are stewing because a PRIVATE company changed a minor aspect of their site.

The fact that it was removed or renamed at some point doesn’t mean someone is cyber bullying you or lying.

You know what is ten times more annoying than “Snowflakes?” Reactionaries who simply cannot let go. It’s a kanji learning website not a political forum why don’t you take your finger waving and histrionics somewhere else.


Who or what is Hard gay? I googled it but I only found Gay Porn websites. Even if I google Hard+Gay+person I only find gay porn. But the comments here make it seem that it is an actual person?


I think its an old mnemonic going by something i saw in a previous thread. Maybe like a homosexual made of stone? Or maybe he was a hardcore biker ?

I doubt that has anything to do with it. Just a small minority actually “races” to get to level 60 as far as possible for most people learning a language is a life long journey and we know that just making level 60 doesn’t mean that you are through with Wanikani. Also many people are lifetime subscribers anyway.
How much set back could you even get from typos? 1-2 months? Doesn’t seem that lucrative to me.

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A lot going on here. Obviously we disagree about some stuff.

Shortly, I don’t feel “gay” or “hard gay” is outrageous as you put it. It’s the lived experience for millions of people, many Japanese.

That’s goes for boobs too. About half the planet has them and it’s not outrageous for them.

It’s not censorship to use different mnemonics. And people voicing their opinions about these issues are not selfish, and manipulative as you put it.

We don’t need to hash this all out in a thread about Kanji studying. God Bless.


It’s a persona of a certain Japanese comedian (wikipedia).

Btw, it’s comes up in the top of my Google search results… I’m afraid to guess what kind of stuff you’re searching for usually :cold_sweat:


Hard Gay was a stage persona of a Japanese comedian / wrestler, Masaki Sumitani (住谷 正樹). As wikipedia puts it,

The official name is Razor Ramon HG . Dressing in a tight black PVC gay fetish outfit, he performed acts of charity ( yonaoshi , “social improvement”) for unsuspecting bystanders while performing trademark pelvic thrusts and vocalizations, often accompanied by “Livin’ la Vida Loca” by Ricky Martin.

His existence on the western internet is a relic of the long ago “wow Japan is so random” period of early internet videos, imo.

edit: freakin’ beaten


A lot of scripts are not really cheats though. The ignore button maybe but typos are common. Stuff like 字体 is very useful for helping you better understand styalized kanji.

Did you actually search for it lol? Perhaps you need to incognito or use duck.com.

Hmmm…I don’t think you’re making sense here. American brutishness (which anti-PC culture exemplifies) is very grating to Japanese sensibilities, and indecent or rough language will definitely get one judged in Japan unless one limits his social interactions to angry young incel males. Japanese “conservative” and American “conservative” are basically unrelated. The former is about respect and decorum, and the latter is exactly the opposite.