WK can be a bit hypocrite on choosing what's inappropriate

While many mnemonics have been removed and changed to make it more politically correct (I am not necessarily against that) and sometimes to contain liberal platitudes (sort of acceptable).

I find it hideously hypocrite that when learning 率, we have to all imagine a cross necklace (check google images) to be covered with shite? For Christians this is “the holy cross” so let’s be a bit more decent about that.

To be sure, I am NOT a Christian! It is just ugly for a subset of liberals to go apeshit crazy on all progressive topics, while at the same time treating the Christian religion with 1-2 billion adherents like this.

I disagree with this completely.


yikes! I am nowhere near that level yet but I hope they change it before I get there. I don’t want to remember anything which downplays the significance of the cross at all!

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Do they ever even say that 十 is supposed to be a Christian cross? It’s just called “cross” as far as I know.


Sitting on the lid of a toilet, an explosion of poop erupts out, getting feces on your cross necklace and a large percent of your clothing. You were just trying to chill out, sitting on the lid of the toilet, and an explosion of poop just flew out the toilet bowl. Now you have poop all over you, like ninety-nine percent of your body is covered in poop. Even your cross necklace.

Crosses aren’t exclusive to Christianity. Did they change this recently and you’re looking at an old version which implied it was a crucifix?

Maybe they could say you’re playing PlayStation on the toilet and a certain percentage got on the cross button.

It said cross necklace. Google cross necklace in images.

From what I’ve seen it’s generally implied to be Christian based on the context of how often it’s taught with a similar context in this context, although this issue could probably be solved by just @\ing the mod team to bring it to their attention.


Are you a Christian?

Yeah, or just “shit on your cross” would be fine. Yeah, okay it refers to the genital area but that should be OK (imo).

I could order a customizable kanji necklace and have them put a 十 on it.


I think you have to see things in the cultural context. A cross necklace prompts the image of a Christian cross necklage (I have rarely if ever seen a non-Chrstian cross necklace), so you are trying to give it too much benefit of the doubt.

However, I would give them a lot of benefit of the doubt if they would not have been so careful to pander to all progressive sensibilities in the last couple of years.

I am just asking for consistency.

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You really seem to not like people who identify with liberal or progressive ideas. That’s the vibe I get.

Go ahead and dunk on the libs or whatever. Have a good one.


Then you misinterpreted my words. I am raised in two cultures so I have sympathies for many kind of people and ideas, including progressive ones.

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Wow, if that’s the case that’s a terrible mnemonic. WK is definitely S*** tier here. Yikes!

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The ones who go apeshit crazy?


He said he didn’t mind it. So let’s not put people in boxes they don’t belong in. I can understand the desire to be more inclusive in this way as I’m sure there’s sects of religions that might find it a little distasteful.

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No, not those. That’s why I used to word “subset”. That’s a very important word here.

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The actual mnemonic is in the thread a few posts down. It describes an accidental incident with the poop radical. No one defiles Christianity intentionally or anything.

You go “apeshit” as you say, about something that could be seen as referencing Christianity, then attack progressives. So yeah, I get the feeling that you’re a “good ol’ boy”
I feel you’re probably one of these folk out there claiming Christians are being persecuted, and that Christianity is going to be illegal soon. While at the same time, not giving a care about non-Christians.

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He didn’t say any of that. So can we please tone down the rhetoric and work to deescalate things please.


I attack the hypocricy of a “subset” of liberals. 100%.

Your statements do not follow from anything that I have said, but only from your speculative imagination.