Should WaniKani save people's mnemonics?

Not to suggest WaniKani becomes memrise.
But some (I’m talking 2 or 3) of my mnemonics give Koichi a run for his money.
If there’s a button that could submit your best mnemonics, I personally would submit my best ones and feel good that i’m helping other people learn. It would also incentivise me to create more of my own mnemonics, which is never a bad thing.
There’s an argument to be made that people might spam the ‘submit mnemonic’ button but I feel this meandered with good UX.

  • saving mnemonics is a good idea
  • i hate this idea
  • max should spend less time suggesting things and more time learning as he’s only on level 3

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“Other”, I guess.

As far as I know, pretty much all initiatives like that are dealt with user scripts. It would require a server side though.

Just earlier my friend gave me a different mnemonic for a new kanji I was studying which completely threw me off during my review cause I no longer could remember what it really meant/should be read like.

I like how you can put notes on WK to make your own mnemonics. Personally, I do it to every other Charlie Sheen one 'cause I don’t like him at all. However, to officially add a bunch of new mnemonics to the ones already in existence may defeat the point of WK.

…Also, I heard on the podcast that Koichi should really be focusing on EtoEto. :woman_shrugging:


The issues I see is regulating inappropriate mnemonics alongside inconsistencies. There are already some inconsistencies in the mnemonics as they are, and I can’t see outsourcing as a way to help this. Yes I understand that people can make the choice to ignore it, but that doesn’t negate the work that will have been done to implement this system.

I think for the small amount of cases this would improve the website, it is not worth the effort. This is just my opinion and the number of cases where this would be helpful varies, but its certainly something many users have solved on their own. I guarantee you pretty much everyone above level 20 has used their own mnemonics for some items when they don’t like koichi’s.

TLDR; Not worth the work when people can just do it on their own for the occasional case where they don’t like koichi’s.


Before I discovered WaniKani, I was using Learning Kanji by Heisig method, which encouraged creating your own mnemonics as the best way to solidify memory of every kanji as its tailored to you. WaniKani has this option, but its on the background and doesn’t let you make it as visible as the WaniKani suggested mnemonic.

This method though is slower than just getting a predefined mnemonic. This is where I found out about Kanji Kohii and learned ~100 kanji there. It had a user submitted mnemonics, which could be voted on. And from my experience, top picks would always be fantastic. Sure, some of them were inappropriate, but it actually did help remember kanji as it made sense and was funny/weird sometimes, which again makes it easier to remember. Most of the kanji I learned there and found here, I kept on using mnemonics from Kanji Kohii as they were always superior to WaniKani pics


Sounds good, wouldn’t work.

Much like memrise, we would soon start seeing mnemonics in Turkish, or featuring very obscure pop culture references, or just plain bad,

Things that depend on people’s common sense to work usually don’t.


On the userscript side there was a script, but it used a spreadsheet and it got too big and became unusable. Seems like it’s one of those things that needs a good backend, but the headache of maintaining it puts it more in userscript territory so it just doesn’t happen.

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If the given mnemonic didn’t work for me, I entered my own in the notes under either reading or meaning - a bit harder to access than a synonym, but it’s still visible when I hit the ‘more info’ button.

I think it wouldn’t work … Mnemonics are too much of a personal thing … What triggers each other memory can be very different. Indeed there’re lot’s of WK mnemonics that I just skip… Either cause they make no sense at all (though I’m growing very fond of Charlie Sheen :joy:)… Or cause they serve as a false friend, leading to thinking in some other way of writing the On reading of some kanji (specially if English it’s not your 1st language).


I’d love to have a choice between official an non-official mnemonics to choose. I add Kanji Damage ones too, but sadly they don’t use our radical meanings, so it’s a waste…

I sent an email to them to offer mnemonics and translations to spanish to help them. I’d store them in my account and then they could use them, work for free. Helps me, helps others. But they refused, obiously because they want it all translated officially.

I wish there was some kind of community sharing of these … we would help them make it better. I wish I had mnemonics from other users in spanish, I’m failing stuff all the time because I don’t know the word in english either…

Yep, we can’t change votes. THat’s bad… :frowning:

on the poll can you click on “hide results” and then try to select a different option?

Oooh, I just tried it. It works!

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I first read this as “Should WaniKani save people’s lives?”


this is really interesting point especially considering there’s only so much koichi can do.
They’ll need to tackle other languages. English is actually the THIRD most common language.
Even if they wanted “official translations” surely a voting mechanic on user mnemonics will help that process and/or aid the hiring process.

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this thread has actually helped me rekindle a friendship with a former work colleague (small world)


Personally, what I think makes a strong mnemonic is consistency. For example, if you use Charlie Sheen to remember the し reading of a kanji, you should always use Charlie Sheen.

That being said, community shared mnemonics probably would not be very consistent. (Also, WK mnemonics aren’t always consistent either, which has messed me up in the past)


The overhead to police it would be way too much and an unpolicied system would be too horrible to even think about. People can be really nasty.


Hello, I’m just curious, I’ve never used Kanji Kohii. Why did you decide to study with WaniKani instead of KK if you liked it so much? What were the downsides? Or were there only ~100 kanji there?

Those nasty ones would just be down voted and in the end of the list I guess :slight_smile: