Ways in which WK has disappointed me, personally

Nice! Thanks for pointing it out.

And amazing job by @Kumirei :nerd_face:


I want to agree with you, but I know that if there was a back/ooops button, I’d abuse the hell out of it. It’s why I don’t use any scripts at all, I can’t trust myself not to abuse them. Better to suffer a few typos and take 3 years to get to level 16 rather than just pointlessly cheat my way to level 60.


They are quite different. I’ve done typos in KameSame but they are much rarer…either I’m selecting the correct kanji or not. And the smart synonym build is really good and the reason I won’t touch KaniWani again.

For WK, I override because typing accuracy has nothing to do with language learning. Moreover, entering the precise ‘meaning’ from a limited bank when they have extensive synonyms is not a measure of understanding the definition or at least the threshold I want. I think I’d rather self-monitor than have an over-ride cap.


I have no idea how Christmas came into this discussion, but it is true, there are sadly people who, in the name of diversity, are trying to undermine the religious aspect of Christmas.

One the best political threads I ever had a debate in was closed down a few weeks back because of just one swear word. So I expect now this one will be too.


Taking this thread down the “war on christmas” route is not gonna help, I’m pretty sure… :stuck_out_tongue:

IMO most of the vocabulary being taught is trash, and the more common usecases are left out

Perhaps more to the point, they should be mnemonics if and only if they’re more memorable.

Quite. He hasn’t been active as a comedian in twelve years, though he did make a return to the wrestling ring last year.

That’s cause this website is for kanji, not vocab.


Getting annoyed because wanikani prioritizes PC stuff over actual Japanese learning is bad? I know it’s a tiny change but you’re acting like they made the changes for valid reasons, to improve learning. I agree the people who bring it up all the time and complain about it should let it go, but it’s still annoying to think about when some of my most memorable mnemonics get replaced for much worse ones.


The biggest threat to the religious aspects of Christmas is capitalism, not diversity!

And boobs aren’t offensive, but making a joke of female anatomy is. Gay in and of itself isn’t offensive, but it’s repeated use to denigrate and undermine a portion of the community is not something we should take lightly.

When you take away a set of stairs and replace it with a ramp, there might be a few people who miss that staircase, but at least now everyone can get through the door.


This is so true lol…Like, big business are not happy about Christmas for religious reasons or “the holiday spirit” they are happy because they just spent a month sending out commercials to get you to buy their expensive products!

It’s why I stick to the phone application for WaniKani when reviewing. Whenever I get the combo of “n” + “n-” syllable I keep pressing “n” twice instead of three times and bye bye goes my streak.

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I find that the unrelated mnemonics are helpful, as I don’t want to remember them at all after I’ve learnt the correct pronunciation and meaning.

Typos (and the related re-reviewing) is a bore, but not the end of the world. And I’ve noticed that if there is no punishment about typos, I also don’t care about correct typing. Which leads to more typos… Doing typos has actually improved my reading because I read the kana more thoroughly before pressing Enter. (But I am grateful for the fact that some of the incorrect English is accepted.)

And I would also truly abuse the Back-button.

We need Ben Shapiro in this thread, to destroy some people with facts and logic.


Been here since 2013, so point 5 hits especially hard. Very sad, but that’s just the reality in 2020. If one wants to expand their platform, they will have to placate the masses by replacing mean words with cuddly ones.


I never noticed there is a correlation between color and subscription. Thanks for the tip.


What’s there to undermine? It’s not like Dec 25th is actually Jesus’s birthday. Christmas celebration used to be a pagan celebration, later repurposed when the new rulers adopted Christianity.

A similar thing happened in the Soviet Union. Christmas was banned and replaced by the New Year Celebration because the party was fighting the church.

I wouldn’t mind if in the future Christmas just became a secular winter holiday. Anyone could enjoy the festivities regardless of their religious beliefs.


This is exactly the kind of data I was thinking of. Good find!

I think the total of 56140 users with 3 posts or less is what matters. They are by definition users that never returned afterwards (except for lurking) because otherwise the post count would have increased. We don’t need to filter out users that don’t post because they are still Wanikani customers. These 56140 users are 82.5% of the 68009 recorded forum users. This shows that @Leebo’s perception is spot on.

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I have no idea why you are addressing this to me. My contribution to this thread has been about how I don’t use scripts and wouldn’t be able to trust myself with them, and then a comment about Christmas in response to this:

I mean, I partly agree… I don’t think diversity is a threat in and of itself to Christmas… but, like I said, many people do indeed try to undermine the religious aspect of Christmas in the name of diversity.

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I don’t think I know a single Christian (and I know hundreds of them) that would insist that anyone must believe that December the 25th is the actual date of Christ’s birth. The actual date is neither here nor there. The point is, it is the date that for centuries Christians have celebrated our Saviour’s birth.

Yes, I’m sure you wouldn’t mind, and I wouldn’t mind either. Just don’t call it “Christmas”. Have your holiday, but if you want to take Christ out if it, don’t use his name. And don’t, as in the link I posted, sing Christmas Carols that you have changed to remove references to Christ!


Christmas is like a generic trademark. It doesn’t matter where the name came from, even in its secular form it is called christmas