Ways in which WK has disappointed me, personally

Exactly, thats why you make your own.

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I don’t believe this. Most people here have a lifetime subscription. I know because I regularly mouseover the little round number in the avatar. It displays the subscription option in a pop-up.


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I mean, the system has been tried and tested, and theres no reason not to do it on anki if you really think there are ulterior motives, but an oops button would just cause cheating. If you care so much about the speed of leveling take time with your answers instead of speeding through. It’s nobodies fault but your own if you know the answer but type it incorrectly.


I definitely agree with you mate, i even cannot believe myself that I can somehow read articles now.
looking back at myself starting from 2 years ago, using WaniKani has definitely helped me more than I had imagined. Even some Japanese that I met were amazed at how I can read and utilize kanjis on chats/convos. It all just because of this app, of course we can’t rely on one app that’s why I am using wanikani with grammar books and it’s a perfect combination. Just 2 more levels! you’re about to go level 60 :smiley:


I think you’ll see the same thing if you mouse over mine, but I only paid for one year so far.

(But I am a little off-put by what OP brought to my attention ITT)

That’s a bit extreme, don’t you think? Most people are typing on touchscreens and have a huge volume of reviews. No option to override typos is bordering on dark pattern territory at worst, or is based on a 2003 desktop-centric design model, but with 2020 pricing, at best.

Also, if people cheat, they don’t learn. Nobody’s problem but their own. Legit typos are super-frequent thing, though.

(Editedmto override typos)

(Edited to override typos)


I think this is going too far. There is an oops button on Bunpro and it does not cause cheating problems.

I think this is more of an issue of what the developers at Tofugu wanted to work on. The oops button didn’t make it to their wanted list of functionality. The decision could have gotten the other way because having an oops button makes sense.

We should not forget that they decided to provide an API for third-party developers. In this sense they indirectly enabled the missing functionality while conserving their limited development capabilities.

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I never said this particular user has a lifetime subscription. I just illustrated how we can get the user subscription option.

Maybe a majority of hardcore forum users are lifetime, but the vast majority of all people with accounts on the forums aren’t.


We would need to count to know that. I have done a quick check in this thread and the numbers seems balanced to me.

I didn’t investigate and count all users so there is room for error, but I didn’t limit my observations to hardcore forum users. I looked at all kinds of accounts. It is clear to me that there is no vast majority of accounts without lifetime subscription.

Really? Don’t you have reviews or something? :wink:

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Just understanding how sites work, I would imagine the largest percentage of users have like… less than 3 posts on the site each. People who joined the forums to ask one thing when they did their trial levels and never returned, etc. And people with that level of engagement aren’t usually lifetime users.


This is plausible. I didn’t make an effort to track people with three posts and never returned. But I think we are discussing perceptions here. To really know we would need access to hard data and we don’t.

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From the twenty-four users in the “Frequent Posters” list at the top of the topic, it’s exactly balanced - twelve lifetime and twelve recurring.

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I think it’s important to keep in mind that we have a very biased sample here. What percentage of users even come to the forum? I’ve technically had a WaniKani account for about 3 years, but didn’t check out the forum until maybe October/November 2019.

Additionally, what we’re looking at doesn’t account for lurkers either. There may be many more lurkers with an inactive (? not subscribed) or any level of subscription account.


Usually DPS disappoint me when I’m tanking.


I’ve always assumed that was precisely WK’s worry. Add an “oops” button, and the people who abuse it will finish the program saying they didn’t get the promised results.

By forcing those who really want it to use third-party additions, WK is on firmer grounds to say that the course, as designed, gets results.


Jaered is from Portland (I think most of the other devs are as well), so what did you expect? :sweat_smile:

Being woke comes before everything else.


We could scrape the user list using a script (although not sure Tofugu will like that…)