Way to study vocab earlier?

So I’m taking Japanese classes at my local college and we’re studying from Genki, along with getting custom vocab lists from our teacher, like a list of adjectives (“interesting,” “boring,” “hot,” “cold,” etc.). I really love using WaniKani on my own alongside my textbook studies and it seems to be the best way for me to remember vocab.

It would be really helpful if, within WaniKani, I could “activate” the unique vocabulary my teacher gives, to work in those words with the other stuff I’m studying at my current WK level already. Is there a way to do this?

Sorry if I’m being unclear or if this was asked before. I tried searching for a similar topic, but everything I found was about importing words WK didn’t have at all. I don’t need to do that at this time, I just want to unlock certain vocab early so I can study my class words along with my level words.

Thank you!

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Theres no way to test yourself on the vocab before you’ve “guru’d” the relevant kanji, but you can search wanikani for the particular word and read the mnemonics they’ve made up for the meaning and readings if that helps!


Bummer. I’ve gotta learn these words at this time no matter what for class, so I guess I’ll just have to make a deck outside of WK.

Thanks for the reply!

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You can use the self-study script, but that doesn’t count for the SRS levels.

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i’d just make decks on a platform like quizlet (no srs, sometimes you don’t need that) or memrise (srs like wk).
that’s quick, doesn’t eat up all your study time, and both platforms are free.

they might also already have such lists, since genki is the most popular textbook.


Sorry, I’m not very familiar/tech savvy. The self-study script? Is that this?

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