Was about to level up on level 18 and a new Kanji suddenly appeared this morning!

I’m on level 18 and was about to level up today, but I woke up this morning and a new Kanji (connected) appeared in my lessons. Level 18 had 30 Kanji last night and now it has 31. Does anyone know what is going on? Why did this happen?

wkstats is still not showing this new Kanji in level 18.

They added a new kanji today on level 18.




Thank you both. I wish they announced this on the dashboard page as not everyone reads the forums (my first time posting). The new recent mistakes in the dashboard was glaringly obvious and they did announce that today.


Well the forums used to be more heavily intergrated into the dashboard with the top three topics appearing as headlines at the bottom of the page but then they removed the link all together until everyone asked and they put a simpler link back in…


Admittedly you got very unlucky for this kanji to fall right at your current level right as you were about to level up! For most of us it wasn’t particularly notable.

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Funnily enough, I got lucky and just got to level 19 like yesterday morning. I was till highly confused about the random 1 lesson I had that ended up being a level 18 kanji, and I was sitting there like “Did I miss something somehow?” I figured it was an update though when I saw the recently mistakes tab appear.


That has to be very bad luck, timing wise - would be somewhat nice if they put a grace period on the time it counted towards the total, so that this doesn’t happen.

That said, I don’t recall ever having this happen at any point when I’ve been levelling at any point, and they move items around all the time, so I think you just got statistically unlucky.

I agree, it would be nice that every users get notified from their dashboard.
With a link to the forums like some other announcements. I hadn’t thought about visiting the forums when I started WK, but ended up checking it out because at the time there were the list of recent posts and seeing it being so active and with book clubs intrigued me.
In the end I’m very happy I stumbled onto the forums, so many resources and help as to how to tackle learning Japanese, and a great community to share about all of it, so I really feel sad that some users might not know about this possibility and are missing out!