New Kanji/vocab added?

Yesterday I leveled up to 38. Immediately after leveling up, I always do the radicals and Kanji lessons directly. So normally after leveling up I get a bunch of new Kanji and vocab to learn, when I bring that Kanji to Guru stage a couple of days later, I unlock the rest of the kanji and vocab.

This morning, after I did a bunch of lessons, I had 22 lesson remaining.
Later that day I did reviews for Kanji and vocab but the Kanji was going from Apprentice stage 2 to stage 3. So this does not unlock any new lessons.

Yet somehow… my lessons counter is now at 32. Including a new kanji which is ‘small animal’ and it’s from level 15.

Is this because this kanji and some new vocab were added today?



Missed that notice, cheers :slight_smile:

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