23 Kanji showing Active immediately after Level 27 unlock?!

I just unlocked level 27 . . . and less than a day later I have 23/32 Kanji showing as Active on the Kanji Level specific page for levels 21-30. The 23 pink rectangles all show the “new” circular red dot. However I only did 1 lesson for the Kanji: Retreat. The other 22 Kanji shouldn’t show as “new” until I do their lessons, correct?!

Please advise. Help. Me.

If you are using the script WaniKani reorder script, I think that might be the cause. For whatever reason, if you have that script on when you do your lessons, it displays as having all of those items as new instead of not learned.

Let me check if I am using that script. Thanks for reply.

I do have WaniKani Reorder Ultimate 2, but the script is turned off.

The only thing I did differently when activating this new level 27 was tweak this:

Menu: Settings: Lesson Ordering: Ascending Level Then Shuffled (switched this setting to “Shuffled” immediately after finishing all the level 26 Vocabulary).

It sticks once you’ve done lessons with WaniKani Reorder. Even if you turn it off and try again, it won’t change that the system views them as “new” rather than “not learned”

Level 26 is a fast level, meaning you only have to complete the kanji you got along with the radicals to level up. When you guru’ed the kanji and leveled up you probably did the same with the radicals, giving you access to the remaining level 26 kanji.

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So 26 is a fast one? Do you know of any others? (I know 1,2 and most of the last ones are, but wish there was a clear list of which levels are fast so we can plan accordingly.)

If I remember correctly, this is the list:
lvl 1 and 2
lvl 26
lvl 46 and 48
lvl 50 to 60.

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Thanks! That makes 26 the only odd man out in a way, as the others are in the ends (with 48 being the silly one not keeping with the rest of them :wink: (assuming 48 is the long level and 46, 47 and 49-60 being short) )

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Pretty sure it’s 46, 47, 49-60


I think that is correct according to a post for those in the last run (I remember 49-60 was, and at least one before it)
But didn’t get 26 on that list =)
So this list is more complete.

List :roll_eyes:

  • 1 and 2
  • 26
  • 46, 47
  • 49-60

Well, they’re definitively more than I thought at first. 17 levels in total.

EDIT: That means that if I go for 7 day/levels + 5 day/levels for the short levels, I’ll finish WK in 1 year and 20 days (+/-) total :scream::scream::scream:

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Wow, so, doing it fast (3.5 days) or “normal” (7 days) is a difference of almost 2 full months of time! (only counting 15 levels, ignoring lvl 1 and 2)
I’m very tempted to go full speed on them all, at least the first few and see if I’m up to it =)

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I honestly don’t see much of a reason to try and do 3.5 day/levels. That just seems like a mess. It’ll will influence your amount of reviews and your learning of the Kanji. Unless you can learn 30+ Kanji per day and not confuse them with lower level ones… :roll_eyes: I’m aiming for 5 day levels because that allows you to divide the Kanji in 2 days while still having 3 days for the vocab (high levels have less than 100 words).


that is a good aim =)
I might do the same =^_^=
I just like keeping them on same days, as I know I have the time to start of on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings (my level/half level spot now for several months :wink: )
But at the end there I might let it differ for the sake of retention =)

Where can I get some of that?


I bet there are all kinds of 酒’s in Animes, maybe they have one there :wink:

With 5 days for the short levels, you’ll already be saving around a month of WK. For people used to speed levels while keeping a high accuracy, that might not be a nightmare… but I wouldn’t say the same would happen with 3.5 days.

Also, I honestly believe we’re still extremely naive in terms of WK. We have yet to start burning items and that might be a game changer in terms of how we use WK.

(I’ll be starting burning lvl 1 radicals tomorrow, but that’s nothing compared to burning items from higher levels).


Gee, lvl 26 starts on Christmas eve!! D=
I might not be able to do that one as a 3.5 day level…
“Sorry, I’ll popp of for a quick review!”

Lessons in the morning is fair enough, first review around 12… maybe… Second review at 8… no, they will be so mad =P
That is usually middle of gift opening ^^; (We open all gifts Christmas eve, 24th)

I don’t think he is referring to unexpectedly reaching the next level as he is referring to having all of his kanji listed as new even though he only did a lesson with a handful of them. Normally, they are only supposed to be listed as locked if you haven’t done the lesson yet. But, they’re listed as new in his case.

Again, I think this happens whenever you access your lessons even just once with WaniKani reorder. That, for some reason, makes the items go from locked to new regardless of what you’ve done.